Student Life

Overcoming The Fear of Failure

24 Apr 2018

I sacrificed a lot to follow my dreams and move up to Leeds to study an MA in Theology, including the opportunity to undertake a doctorial level research program in Political Economy in Oxford and live, rent-free, with my girlfriend and her Mum. Instead, we would be moving up to a new city to...

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5 Ways To Deal With Stress

10 Apr 2018

#1 Get headspace.

This is always a good first step; go for a walk and get away from the desk! Try and put your mind on something else. Taking that quick breather rather than staying stuck in a rut with the stress is going to be an important step in regaining control of the situation....

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De-stressing On A Time Budget

10 Apr 2018

If you have 5 minutes you could...

Meditate. Practicing meditation regularly has been shown to be an effective way to relieve stress. A body scan mindfulness meditation grounds us by bringing attention to our bodies and how they feel in that moment, and helps us get out...

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Signs of Stress

10 Apr 2018

It will come as no surprise to many at uni that stress is on the rise amongst students, and it only seems to be getting worse. To acknowledge Stress Awareness Month, we’ve put together this blog with some pointers to help you recognise the signs of stress.

There are four key markers to...

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The Fear of Missing Out

7 Dec 2017

The ‘fear of missing out’ is an epidemic that is stressing out us Millennials. We have a constant view to the world through the window known as Social Media, where we spend a fair amount of time refreshing the same pages looking at the highlights of other people’s lives, and wondering why we’re...

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Top Tips For Freshers: part 3

2 Oct 2017
When I arrived at my room in Durham on 1st October 2016, I was already five hours late for the party – cows on the line at Peterborough. In all honesty, the disastrous train journey felt like a metaphor for the whole of the previous year: Having applied to Cambridge the previous September -...
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Top Tips For Freshers: part 2

7 Aug 2017

Join societies

At nearly every uni there are a vast number of societies (and sports clubs too if you’re not, like me, allergic to sport.) These meet regularly and cater for all sorts of interests from real ale to politics. They’re a great way to meet like-minded people...

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Top Tips For Freshers: part 1

1 Aug 2017

Starting university is nerve-wracking for most people, to one degree or another. For this reason, we've asked SCM members to write down their most helpful tips to prepare students-to-be for the new acaemic year and try to relieve some of that tension! Here is the first installment of advice, ...

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The Challenge of the Summer Break

27 Jul 2017

Being away from university can often mean being apart from the church you regularly attend, faith groups which provide you with spiritual support and friendships which keep you engaged with your faith. As this is the case, the summer break can be a bit of a challenge, and can sometimes mean that...

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Life at University as a Quaker Student

29 May 2017

In October 2016, I found myself in a Quaker meeting for the first time. Raised vaguely Methodist and developing a firm commitment to that denomination during sixth form, I knew relatively little about the Quakers. I was aware that their worship was held in silent anticipation, waiting to be...

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