Student Life

The Challenge of the Summer Break

27 Jul 2017

Being away from university can often mean being apart from the church you regularly attend, faith groups which provide you with spiritual support and friendships which keep you engaged with your faith. As this is the case, the summer break can be a bit of a challenge, and can sometimes mean that...

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Life at University as a Quaker Student

29 May 2017

In October 2016, I found myself in a Quaker meeting for the first time. Raised vaguely Methodist and developing a firm commitment to that denomination during sixth form, I knew relatively little about the Quakers. I was aware that their worship was held in silent anticipation, waiting to be...

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What I’ve learned about my faith from cramming for deadlines, exams and assessments at university

8 May 2017

When I was at university, I found that there were typically two types of students: those who did all their work as soon as possible, and those who did it as late as possible. To my shame, I was consistently a member of the latter! Whether it was writing an essay, preparing a presentation,...

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Top Things To Look For In A New Church

19 Sep 2016

Going to university opens up so many possibilities to explore, engage and connect with something new and exciting. That applies to life outside the university bubble, as well as all the goings on within a campus or college. Being part of a church can be a great way to find support and guidance...

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Living Well in Community

22 Aug 2016

What does ‘community’ mean? The word crops up everywhere, from David Cameron’s ill-fated ‘Big Society’ to a way of trying to help new first-year students settle in to university life. It becomes a go-to word when bad things happen. When my city flooded last Christmas, a great deal was made of...

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Tips for Students on A Level Results Day

15 Aug 2016

I write this awaiting the results of my MA in Theology and Religious Studies and preparing for what comes next. So I can appreciate how hard results day can be! Perhaps you have worked flat out or think you haven’t worked as hard as you should have done. It’s easy to place so much pressure on...

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How Being Part of MethSoc has Kept My Faith Alive at University

26 Jul 2016

I am able to say, with absolute sincerity, that joining the Methodist Society (MethSoc) at the University of Birmingham has been both an enriching and deeply encouraging experience for me. From the much welcome hot meals, of which there have been many, to the companionship and communion shared...

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Our Favourite Ways to Pray

5 Jul 2016

Let’s be honest: all of us have probably struggled with prayer. We know how important and encouraging it can be, helping to bring peace and comfort to situations of distress or uncertainty. But sometimes it can be difficult finding time and energy to commit to prayer.

We recently asked...

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Life at University: Theology, Faith and Vocation

23 Sep 2015

When I first set off to university to study theology, along with a reading list and my childhood teddy, I also took with me two determinations: to heed the warnings from home and ensure that my studies did not damage my faith, and more importantly to prove everyone wrong and not work for the...

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How to survive uni as an international student

21 Sep 2015

I still remember when I came to study in the UK. I was expecting most things that I saw once I got to Uni, mostly because they sent me a welcome pack, and they also had a nice video that covered all the bases. There's a few things they did not (could not?) tell me, so I'll try to fill in some...

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