Student Life

Our Favourite Ways to Pray

5 Jul 2016

Let’s be honest: all of us have probably struggled with prayer. We know how important and encouraging it can be, helping to bring peace and comfort to situations of distress or uncertainty. But sometimes it can be difficult finding time and energy to commit to prayer.

We recently asked...

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Life at University: Theology, Faith and Vocation

23 Sep 2015

When I first set off to university to study theology, along with a reading list and my childhood teddy, I also took with me two determinations: to heed the warnings from home and ensure that my studies did not damage my faith, and more importantly to prove everyone wrong and not work for the...

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How to survive uni as an international student

21 Sep 2015

I still remember when I came to study in the UK. I was expecting most things that I saw once I got to Uni, mostly because they sent me a welcome pack, and they also had a nice video that covered all the bases. There's a few things they did not (could not?) tell me, so I'll try to fill in some...

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Life at University: Questions, Doubts and Friendships

7 Sep 2015

Hello you,

It’s me again. Just thought I’d come and say hello, y’know.

When you started University, I knew you were seeking faith but I was still there lurking. Those people in school had given you a tough time, saying the Bible was full of lies. A Methodist, Christian, Liberal,...

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Connecting the Spheres: Life as a Christian International Student

23 Sep 2014

One of my all-time favourite poems is Walt Whitman’s ‘A Noiseless, Patient Spider.’ In it, the speaker compares a spider’s meticulous construction of a web to his own experience ‘[c]easelessly musing, venturing, throwing, seeking the spheres to connect them … / Till the gossamer thread you...

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Life at uni as a Christian student

28 Aug 2014

Victoria Mason, graduate from the University of Cambridge

I remember being given a book before leaving for university. It was all about going to university and facing all the ways in which your faith would be attacked. It framed university as a place where thriving as a...

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Juni/Wikimedia Commons

8 Ways to Survive University as a Christian

25 Mar 2014

Freedom. That’s what most of us crave, and university presents it to us on a silver platter. For many people, university will be their first time away from home. That sense of novelty – paying rent, organising a weekly shop, finding housemates – will soon turn into an array of choices. As a...

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Evangelism 101

14 Jan 2014

Now in some circles evangelism is a dirty word associated with force or even colonialism. Conversion for the individual soul and not something richer or deeper. A battle for the mind and not the whole person.

So my first job is to clarify, when I say evangelism I’m referring to what the...

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Tea and notebook

In times of exam stress, drink tea (and other useful tips)

1 Jun 2011

Yep, it’s that time of year again when all of a sudden it hits you that you have BIG and IMPORTANT things to do. Now, you have two options: you can either run away and hide in a cave hoping that it will all go away. Or you can follow this advice (dispensed by someone who has no authority to give...

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