Stephen's blog

How To Deal With Sorrow

As Stephen's Faith In Action internship draws to a close, he reflects on how to deal with the sorrow that injustice causes.

Moral Adventure vs Spontaneous Obedience

Throughout the Faith in Action project, Stephen has been seeking wisdom from the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Here he considers how faith and obedience are intertwined.

Tesco Troubles

The British public has voted 'no confidence' in Tesco. The question remains; who are we voting confidence in? Faith in Action Intern Stephen investigates.

Foodcycle Interview

Check out Stephen's recent visit to his local Foodcycle Hub, where they are using surplus food to reach the physical and social needs of their neighbours.

Save The Date Cafe Interview

Faith In Action Intern Stephen invites you to visit a local cafe that's doing something very special with surplus food.

Voting Isn't the Be-All and End-All of Politics

You have 28 days until you get to vote in the General Election. But political engagement can, and should be, part of our day to day lives. Stephen, Faith in Action intern, considers how we vote in day to day life.

What's For Breakfast?

Today’s blogpost is a challenge for us all.
Take a long, hard look at your breakfast this morning.
What are you eating? Where has it come from? Whose hands has it gone through? How long is the chain between farm and fork, between soil and spoon? 
This is what I’m having for breakfast this morning:

The Food Waste Fight Heads North

Royal Holloway's Food Recycling Scheme has set a precedent, and other universities are starting to follow...

The Latest Hit on Broadway Market

Across the nation, markets throw away food that they haven't sold to customers. Is there a way to see that food reaches those who need it? Faith in Action Intern Stephen shares his recent experience at Broadway Market, Hackney.

Idealism Vs Realism

Idealism and realism propose slightly different methods of social transformation. Which do you think is better? And, more importantly, which do you think is more Christ-like?