Stephen's blog

It's All About 'We'

The gospel of Jesus is a wonderful message of hope and transformation, not only for persons, but for people. Faith in Action Intern Stephen emphasises the 'familiar gospel'.

'Class A' Cool

East London is like Schrödinger’s marmite. I love it and hate it at the same time.

From Sty To Stomach

In a quest to learn how food production can be more transparent and sustainable, Stephen gets acquainted with some porky friends. * This blog contains an image of animal butchery.

The Experience Machine (Please Use Responsibly)

Is the fundamental goal of humanity to be happy? What if a machine could fulfil that goal for you? Stephen discusses the utilitarian pursuit of happiness. Spoiler Alert: if you haven't seen The Matrix yet, watch it. Now.

Tweet Others As You Would Like To Be Tweeted

The use of social media continues to sky-rocket, while cracks in the framework of society grow. Can the answer be found in social media itself, or do we have a part to play? Faith In Action Intern Stephen investigates.


As Russell Brand's new book Revolution hits shelves this week, Stephen considers what it might really take to see a major change in society.

Forage against the Machine

Stephen, one of our Faith in Action interns, explores how foraging for food can help relieve pressure on the food retail industry, even in the inner-city.

Stephen Talks Bananas: Part Two

In the second part of Stephen's blog on surplus food, he reflects on bananas, dinner parties, and the global economy.

Stephen Talks Bananas: Part One

In a world of smartphones, are we really that smart? Faith in Action intern Stephen proposes the importance of wisdom in our modern society in the first of a two-part blog about surplus food.

Time To Put Faith In Action

Jesus wants more from us than knowledge and emotion. He wants action. This blog post is written by Stephen, one of SCM's new Faith In Action interns, who reflects on what that title means to him.