Ruth's blog

Why you need to go to church this Sunday

SCM member and Unitarian Robin Hanford reflects on the recent murder of a Catholic priest in France and encourages us all to go to church this week.

Finding my faith

Finding a community where you feel comfortable to explore your faith can be tricky. SCM and YFGM member Julian Wood tells us about his experience of re-engaging with Christianity and his journey so far. 

Healing Divisions: Life Post-Brexit

Alex Taylor, SCM member from Holy Trinity Students in Aberystwyth, reflects on life in the UK post-Brexit.

Why use gender-inclusive language?

Ruth explores why it's important to use gender-inclusive language in worship, with help from Professor Adrian Thatcher.

Leaning Towards Love: A Reflection on Orlando

SCM member Ellie Wilde reflects on the recent shootings in Orlando from an LGBT Christian perspective. 

Truth, democracy and the EU Referendum

Our Faith in Action Project Worker, Ruth, asks 'When the truth is hidden from people, can there be real democracy?'

Helping refugees is crucial to our faith

Exeter MethAng Society member Adam Spiers tells us why he thinks the Bible is clear on how we should treat refugees.

Universal Basic Income: the Kingdom idea whose time has come

Ruth Wilde looks at the Universal Basic Income and tells us why she thinks it is a 'Kingdom idea whose time has come'.

Am I my Neighbour’s Keeper? Reflections on the Death of a Dalit Student in India

Raj Barath Patta asks why Dalits like Rohit Vemula keep dying 'on the altar' of caste discrimination.

Reflection on Birmingham Methsoc’s Food Exchange

Andrew Topping reflects on the efforts of Birmingham Methsoc to start up a Food Exchange, transforming food waste into meals for homeless people.