An Advent to Remember

Many people see Advent as the countdown to Christmas. The countdown to one intense day where presents are given, families get together, and a meal is shared between loved ones. 

However, what if we reframed our thoughts about what Advent is all about?

Instead of looking at it as just a countdown like the rest of the world, what if we revised our view and looked at it as a season of remembrance and gratitude? If we look at Advent through the lens of remembrance, we remember the importance of God sending down His Son in the form of a vulnerable baby born into the hubbub of daily life. God sent down His Son so that all those who believed and put their trust in Him would be reconciled to God. The ultimate reconciliation all started with a baby!

The waiting and preparation of the Advent season, and the remembrance of this newborn baby, can fill our hearts with hope and with joy. It opens the window, gaining a glimpse of the love which God has for every one of us. Romans 8:28-39 illustrates the promises which come with Jesus' life, death and resurrection. We are now "more than conquerors". Life, death, angels, demons, nor any powers can separate us from the love of God.

Whatever our situation is in this season, Advent is a time to slow down, relfect and remember the gift that God sent. To tune out from the chaos associated with the Christmas build-up and, instead, use it as a time for gratitude to God. To return our hearts to the will of God instead of consumerism. Instead of hopelessness and fear, we can welcome peace, love and joy.

Written by SCM Member Anna, from Manchester. 

In this blog Anna has been looking at Advent though a new lens of gratitude. How else can we choose to approach the Advent season, especially if we want to move away from the idea of it just being chocolate rewards behind paper windows? Has the SCM Advent pack helped you to take on a new view of the season? How else might we want to celebrate Advent this year, and for years to come?