Ask a Theologian: Submit Your Questions to Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson was appointed as the executive director of Christian Peacemaker Teams in 2014. She has a Masters of Divinity and is a captivating public speaker and workshop leader with many years of experience in volunteering, activism, community organising and peacebuilding. 

Christian Peacemaker Teams work for peace and justice in places of conflict around the world, including Iraqi Kurdistan and Palestine. CPT are also renowned for the way in which they analyse structural oppression and take all of their volunteers and paid workers through tranformational 'undoing oppresions' training. 

Sarah has a brilliant understanding of the theological basis for analysing and undoing oppression, as well as unpacking our own privilege in all its forms. She knows that the work of peace and justice alongside and in solidarity with those most affected by structural violence is a gospel imperative. For more about Sarah, read. this.

Tune in to the Facebook Live event on SCM’s Facebook page from 2pm (UK time) on Thursday the 22nd June and submit your questions on the day or via email beforehand. You can also submit questions in the comments section below or on Twitter using the hashtag #AskATheologian