Bucket list

A few months ago I started writing a bucket list. It’s an ongoing task, and I’ve been surprised how much of an impact it’s made on me already. Silly things I want to do at some point, have suddenly jumped the life priority queue, because if I don’t start now, when will I? 'I’d love to learn German someday' turned into an app downloaded (Duolingo if you’re interested) and spending a few minutes a day learning. 'Someday I’ll knit a sock' has turned into about an inch of sock, it’s slow progress and I started knitting a scarf with needles, which was going well until I misplaced one needle. 
Obviously only time will tell if these are small changes to my daily routine that will stick, but it’s incredible how much more motivated I am once it’s on the list. 
Then last week I read an article online about a ‘Nectar list’ like a bucket list, but reflecting back and noting the things in your life that you’re proud of, that you’re glad you did or that contributed to who you are now. 
So, here goes, ten things from my bucket list and ten things from my nectar list. 
1. Spend a few months living (and working) abroad
2. Get further than week 6 of coach to 5k 
3. Do at least one of the Duke of Edinburgh awards before I get too old 
4. Sew a dress 
5. Take a GCSE in something new 
6. Learn to dance 
7. Go on one of the cable cars in London 
8. Write to my MP about something I care about  
9. Bake a yeast cake 
10. Travel around more of the UK 
1. I’ve been in a waterfall and the sea of the Welsh coast in December 
2. I moved 8 hours away from my parents for university 
3. I was veggie for 3.5yrs 
4. I spent many Friday evenings lying on my back looking at stars in a field as a teenager 
5. I walked a 125 mile pilgrimage in holy week, twice 
6. I once knitted a pair of superman style pants, one leg neon orange, one neon green 
7. I tried a lot of foods I hated as a child, and liked some of them 
8. I stayed up til 6am to watch the sunrise with a boy I’d met the day before 
9. I went Interrailling 
10. I organised a promise auction that raised £921 for MacMillian Cancer support 
I think there’s a beauty in appreciating the experiences you’ve had and aiming for things that will enrich your life.