Called to Be: Vocations Resource

Vocation refers to work that a person is instinctively drawn to, combining a sense of suitability and purpose. Though typically associated with a religious calling such as joining the priesthood, vocation can also be related to non-religious work (either paid or voluntary). The idea of vocation is so much broader than just being a job that is religious in nature: it is about our journey as disciples in whatever direction God is leading us. It is not only about what we do, but how we live and who we are called to be.

As children, we are asked what we want to be when we grow up. Throughout this growing up process, the question changes form but remains the same - what subjects will you study, where do you want to go to university, what experience do you need for your CV, what is your five year plan? The idea of a five year plan can be exceptionally helpful to some people. However, it can also feel very limiting. People’s wants and dreams change. Each year your five-year plan will be edited a little more until, five years on from its original creation, it likely won’t look the same. That’s ok!

Our Called to Be resource contains reflections from people in different walks of life, living out their calling in unexpected ways, as they keep their faith at the heart of what they do. We will be sharing three of the stories included in this resource on the blog over the next few weeks. We hope they will inspire you to download the resource for yourself, and to explore where your faith, talents, and curiosity might be calling you in your work and in your life.