Congratulations to the Methodist conference!

The Student Christian Movement are delighted by today’s news that the Methodist Conference has approved same-sex marriage within its churches. This decision comes as a welcome change to LGBTQ+ individuals and their families, as well as allies, who have been advocating for this change for many years.

The introduction of same-sex marriages in Methodist Churches is an important step in recognising and affirming LGBTQ+ relationships. Many of SCM’s members are Methodists, and we rejoice with them on this historic day.

Mark Rowland, one of SCM’s LGBTQ+ chaplains, Free Church Chaplain at the University of Warwick and Treasurer of Dignity and Worth, added:

"I'm very pleased by the decisions of the Methodist Conference today and the powerful message they send to LGBT+ people within and beyond the Methodist Church that our relationships are affirmed and reflect God's love. At the same time, I continue to hold in my prayers and thoughts Methodists for whom these decisions will be troubling and unsettling. My prayer is that we move forward in love together, even where we disagree."

The ability to marry in our places of worship is not a privilege extended to all members of Christian traditions. We hope and pray that the Methodist Church in Great Britain will be a guiding light for other faith communities still working towards the full inclusion of LGBTQ+ people.

For more information on Dignity and Worth, the Methodist LGBTQ+ campaign group, go to, or find them on social media.