Dealing with Overwhelm

SCMers in the West Midlands share some of the ways they deal with overwhelm. 

Find the balance

"Finding the balance between noticing when I'm overthinking but also letting myself work out what it is that is stressing me out. I find that naming it helps."

Reach out to others

"Not being afraid to ask my friends to help. They love me and will be willing to chat through all my fears." 

Know yourself

 "Knowing myself well - I've found the enneagram a useful tool to help me understand the ways in which I get stressed."

Make a to-do list and prioritise

"Writing tasks down to make them feel more manageable and categorising tasks into their priority levels really helps (and reminding myself that my wellbeing is ALWAYS the upmost priority!)" 

Get an outside perspective

"I talk through my worries with friends to stop me spiralling - having an outside perspective can be really useful when you're stuck in your own head." 

Look after your body

"Moving my body and cooking myself a really nice meal helps me to ground myself in the present and reminds me that I'm worth taking time over." 

Cuddle something! 

"I may be an adult, but because we don't have pets cuddling a cuddly toys helps."

Distract yourself

"I listen to audiobooks, especially when I'm doing another task. It helps me to take my mind off whatever I'm feeling overwhelmed by and I get to disappear into another world for a bit."

What are some ways you deal with feeling overwhelmed? Leave them in the comments below!