My Favourite Theologian: André Gounelle

André Gounelle (1933 - )

Simone Ramacci

André Gounelle is probably one of the most famous liberal Protestant theologians in France, and the one who almost single-handedly introduced Process Theology in Europe. He is also an expert on Paul Tillich and an emeritus professor at the Faculty of Protestant Theology in Montpellier. Most importantly, as far as I am concerned, he made me understand how I can be a thinking Christian even though I do not agree with most dogmas, and do so whilst still being a theology geek.

Unfortunately his works have not been translated to English, but any French-speaking person can access many of his articles online at before starting to buy his books online. (like I did!).

Among the many books he has written, I think Le Dynamisme Créateur de Dieu – Essai sur la Théologie du Process (The Creative Dynamism of God – An Essay on Process Theology) is a must-read. In it, Gounelle explains in a very accessible fashion what Process philosophy is and how it was applied to theology, and finally he explores topics such as who God is, the images of God we use (femininity, trinity, etc), as well as modern Christologies, and people and Christian life.

If you are particularly fond of Tillich, he also published a book on Tillich which is on my wish list.

André Gounelle is certainly a theologian for whom it is worth it to refresh one's French (and maybe even start learning it altogether!).

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