Prayers for Freshers 2016

A Prayer for God's Love
God of yesterday, today and tomorrow,
when I've answered the questions,
"Where are you from?"
"What 'A' Levels did you do?"
and "What are you studying?"
for the eighty fifth time,
and I begin to wonder
if I actually know the real answers myself,
help me to remember that you know me,
and you love me, 
and you hold me in the hollow of your hand.
In Jesus' name,
Written by Revd Jennie Hurd

A Prayer for New Beginnings

Lord, I pray for the students who are starting university,
and the exciting journey that they are embarking upon. 
May it be an enriching time,
Teach them new things about your exciting, complex and beautiful world.
Let their knowledge distill into understanding.
May it be an enjoyable time,
Surround them with good friends, who can make them laugh.
Let those friendships last beyond university. 
May it be a liberating time,
As some step out into new freedom and independence.
Let their experiences become wisdom for life.
May it be life changing,
As they discover new passions and interests,
and perhaps even new callings. 
In Jesus’ name,

Written by Gareth Banton

A Prayer for Students and Teachers

Your blessing, Lord, on this new academic year.
Your blessing on our new students,
Freshers, students from abroad, post graduates, and mature students.
We pray for a smooth transition and for friendships to be made.
Your blessing on our teaching staff and our institutions.
May they be a places of safety and growth as well as learning and excellence.
We make our prayer through Christ our Lord.
Written by Mia Fox