Prayers of Lament for Creation (from National Gathering: Theology Day)

In your image,
   we have capacity for flourishing 
   and desctruction.
Very good was your creation -
   so why did you need day 6?
Millenia later, 
Gaia suffers
but God reigns.
For your worship?
For our practice?
You knew.
Why us?
Written by Josh.


We are dooming everything – we have not learnt from our mistakes.

The sign of the poppy & God’s renewal in a land we turned barren.

Help open our eyes to the power of your Spirit in the world.

Avert our eyes from ourselves,

Our selfish desires, exploitation of and mistreatment of each other.

renew our eyes to your dream for the world forever looking through the eyes of you in the other.

Written by Victoria, Ameila, Abigail, Roux & Ro.


Dear God

We lament the rift between nature and humanity.

We mourn the divide between ourselves and other living beings.

We cry out for forgiveness for the wound found within your creation.

Let us remember the unity of your flock.


Written by Melody, Tom & Sorrel


We weep for the destruction of our world.

We rage against the injustice and cruelty of war.

We repent for using the mother’s body to kill her children.

We remember the peacemaker

And hope for a world renewed and full of life.

Written by Michael, Genevieve & Reuben

Where there could be peace,

Where there could be love,

There is war, there is pain,

devastation and genocide.

The terror of what humans can do against human.

God save us from our own destruction.

Oh Lord, guide us towards a world of justice.

Soften the hearts of those responsible for the terror,

And tear this rotten system to the ground.

Liberate the unliberated  and

bring justice to those living with injustice.


Written by Meg, Maisie & Emily