Praying Station

Disclaimer: This is a blog containing a few of my thoughts about faith in action, it got postponed due to last week’s reflection on Greenbelt, and any timing with the Scottish referendum was entirely unplanned.

The photo above is of my Grandpa, as a local vicar on voting day when ‘Polling Stations’ were popping up all over town. In his church he set up a ‘Praying Station’ because it’s important to pray about normal, life things. (I’ve always found the concept of splitting faith into ‘church’ and ‘other life’ style categories bizarre).

I think it’s beautiful for a myriad of reasons, but for the purposes of this blog (well, thought) I’m going to focus (well, point) on the prioritising time out to make time to pray and consider, and more specifically before we can act. The main reason I love this photo so much is because it symbolises (to me) rooting actions (in this case voting) in prayer.

So when considering what faith in action and what that means to me in this upcoming year of my internship, and what that means in general, I think the starting place is prayer. It’s a simple point, but one worth making.