Rach's Diary - 300 Trains and Counting

In previous years I've challenged myself to do things as part of a new years resolution. This year I haven't found the right challenge yet. It's a good job though that it wasn't to blog more - I know some of you struggled to keep up with all the blogging I did last term! But, we've reached the 27th January 2017 and I'm only on my second blog of the year, which has a little to do with my little holiday last week where I stayed in a train carriage!
Speaking of trains, I've been on 54 trains and 1 tram so far in 2017. This meant that I've travelled on over 300 trains since starting my job at SCM - the 300th train is the one pictured above. I took the picture on my way home earlier this week, and it led to one of my neighbours asking if I had become a train spotter, pointing out I was taking a photo of the wrong part of the train and missing the carriage number.
Some very exciting things have happened in the last couple of weeks since I last blogged. Bookings are now OPEN for "Called to be..." the SCM Gathering happening in Manchester on 10th -12th March. Go here to book your place. Also, Friends can now RSVP online for the Friends Gathering which is part of the weekend on the Saturday evening. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of Friends and telling you all about my work in the North West so far.
I've also been working with Ruth W, SCM's Faith in Action Project Worker, to get ready for the SCM Breakfast in Liverpool. You can now book online here for that too.
As well as planning events, I've also been on some visits; to Preston and to Huddersfield to meet with students, chaplains, and church leaders. I'm really excited, especially in Preston, about the energy around student outreach and it's great to have UCLan's Multi-Faith Centre as our newest affliated Chaplaincy, and hopefully some more Link Churches as time goes on.
I have also have a great conversation with a local school chaplain in Manchester about ways of supporting and encouraging faith in under 18s ready to go off to University.
Movement 155
Finally this week has been mailing week, which meant that I spent two days stuffing envelopes in Birmingham with the rest of the SCM team which is always good fun. I'm not sure my arm muscles have recovered yet from carrying all those envelopes full of the brand new Movement Magazine to the Post Office though! Your mailing should be arriving on your doormat in the coming days, so keep an eye out for that!
If you'd like to find out more about how you can get involved with SCM in the North West (or even further afield) please get in touch, or check out our latest volunteer roles as we're looking for people to help us spread the word about SCM at various festivals this summer. Also, it's not too late to become a Member or Friend and get the brand new copy of Movement delivered to your door. Check out the Membership or becoming a Friend pages for more info.