Rach's Diary - April at my desk

I started April by taking some annual leave, which I filled with a conference, two weddings and three days of a holiday club. Since then I've not worked a full week, with bank holidays for Easter and a bit of TOIL to use up -  I'm getting accustomed to three and a half or four day working weeks!

When I have been at work my time has been filled with all of the usual things that need doing when students aren't around, such as keeping up to date with my admin, going through my emails seeing who hasn't replied yet and pondering the meaning of Easter in my themed blog last week. 

I've been to Birmingham twice, spending time with Hilary (National Coordinator) making plans for the North West, and meeting with Lizzie (Groups Worker) and Ruth W (Faith in Action Worker) about the festivals that SCM will be at this summer and SCALA (the School chaplains' conference) which I'm running a workshop at. 

I've had more meetings in Manchester exploring in more detail what will be going on for students here next year, and I've also made a poster for this term's Manchester SCM Taizé and pub nights. Tuesday also meant meeting with an SCM Friend for hot chocolate, and I really appreciated having the space to chat about what is going on.

This morning I got out eight bits of flipchart paper in an attempt to visualise and then write up my North West Action Plan. There's still a way to go but it's getting there! My train count is down this month with just 26 trains so far, part of this is due to the office steps competition and one less train a day means I get more opportunities to walk. May is starting to get full with lots of trains to exciting places, including Liverpool, Leyland and Lancaster. If you'd like me to visit you on my travels, or would just like to be in touch please email me.