Rach's Reflection: From This Day

Today is A Level results day. I want to think about what this means for a moment.  

I wonder, how today is for you?  

You may, like me, be reliving memories of getting those results and finding out if and where and what the future held.  

Or maybe it is today for you. You’ve been to collect an envelope, received an email or logged in to UCAS to see what all the years of work finally look like.  

It’s a momentous day. Maybe it’s joyful, and maybe it’s not.  

Today is the day you stop being a pupil. It's a milestone, a signpost on your life journey that shows where you have been and where you are going next. It’s a day to take note of, a day that shows who you are right now. It's not just about what grades you have achieved, what pieces of paper you will have to prove what you can learn, it's also a moment in time. A place that marks all that the last two, seven or even thirteen years have culminated in. The place that your next step springs from.  

So, whatever that next step is and whatever today feels like, take this moment to look at who you are right now. Feel what it feels like to be you in this moment, on this day, and journey onwards.  

I had an email the other day inviting me to volunteer with Clearing. There are certain skills one would need, like the ability to use the telephone system, knowledge of the university structures and which course is in which department, strong administration skills, and empathy for callers who are contacting the university in a stressful, high-pressure situation. So if this is you, know that there are caring people ready to take your calls.  

If university is where you are off to this September don’t forget to order a freshers' pack, including the brand new second edition of the Going to Uni Guide. Check out SCM Connect to find an SCM community or church near your University.You can also read other blogs on this topic including our top tips for Results Day.