Rach's Reflection: Rest

I wonder what it is that you do that influences other people, whether you realise it or not? 

Since the major train changes back in May I've often found myself with mere minutes to get across a train station to make my connection. There has been a couple of times when I have broken into a run to get from one end of the station to the other. My theory is that running shows willing and they might notice that I've made an effort and wait for me. There is someone else who often makes the same connection and he has a broken arm. He can't run. I wonder if I'm selfish running when he can't.* 

On Monday my train was only slightly delayed and so I decided I didn't need to run to make the connection. As I set off walking others ahead of me started to jog and I gave into the peer pressure to copy them and sped up as I ran along the platform to the train. There was no need to do this, but others made me work harder.  

Sometimes I'm the first to run and others copy me, other times others run first and I feel compelled to join in, in case I get left behind. 

This month we are thinking about rest. Now, I'm not very good at rest. I know I'm a work-a-holic, though I do take time off in lieu when its earnt. I'm forever filling my "free" time with church, youth stuff, learning new skills like being part of my BSL choir and challenging myself to do more and more.  

When I was ill last month I had to be told to take time off to get better. It was good to rest, to spend time doing jigsaws, reading books and catching up with friends – all things that build me up. It has made me think, though. Sometimes I have to run, sometimes things are necessarily busy. Then there are other times when rest is the most important thing, to refresh and renew me. The balance is making sure there are enough days of the inbetween when I'm not stretching myself too far, but also pulling my weight and not resting more than I need to.  

I don't want to be the person who pushes others to work too hard, get too busy and not rest. The trick is finding that balance.  

So, run when you need to, rest when you need to and most of all get on with life at a steady pace when at all possible. 

Happy Summer 



*My train never does leave on time and the man with the broken arm always makes it too. I guess the point is, running doesn't make a difference to the train leaving or not.