Rach's Reflection: Veggie Lent

Working for SCM has obviously rubbed off on me - there are many things I say or do differently because of the time I’ve spent in this inclusive environment, and this lent I’m trying something I’ve never done before.

I’m going veggie… for one day a week.

It’s not that I only eat meat normally. There are certain meals that my household enjoys that are vegetarian, or even vegan sometimes, but for one day a week, generally a Wednesday, I’m having a Lentern day of Intentional Vegetarianism.

There are a number of reasons I’ve decided to do this:

  • Being intentional with what I eat is important. What I do to the planet every time I grab a plastic covered meal deal, cook way more food than we will actually eat, or buy more ingredients than I can cook before they pass their best before date are all things I should be more aware of, and try to avoid. 
  • Vegetarian food is great and I want to learn some more recipes. It would have been a big jump to try and do everyday so this is my step into it. Maybe next year!
  • It’s not really a big change! Last Wednesday I was at a World Vision Lunch at the Christian Resource Exhibition. There was great veggie hotpot, and then I went to a café and pondered whether I could eat a gingerbread woman (I did, she was tasty). It was the end of the day when I was at Manchester Piccadilly train station to get a late night train home after the Christians in Science event I’d been live tweeting and any other day I would have popped to KFC for a chicken burger but I couldn’t! It was the first time I'd been inconvenienced in my decision to go meat free on a Wednesday.

Jesus calls us to be more than inconvenienced. I was preaching about Covenent on the second Sunday of Lent, using the words, “I will be your God and you will be my people.” The duality of love and sacrifice that come together in the relationship between God and us as God’s People. The sacrifice and love we see in Jesus’ death on the cross that we prepare for each lent. One day each week of not eating meat certainly isn’t a big sacrifice, but it’s a start, and today as I ponder what I can find for lunch I’m thinking about my part in the whole people of God, a covenant people, a people of love and sacrifice.