Rach's Reflections - Celebrate with SCM

It is usually about now we start to think about things coming to an end, whether it is the last exam or essay being handed in for the summer, or even completing the last one ever. I wonder what is coming to an end for you? How are you celebrating?

I’m the sort of person who gets excited by birthdays. I’m very glad that this weekend, as I’m in Birmingham for our General Council Meeting, I get to help a good friend celebrate his birthday, mainly by eating scones and jam.

If you’ve ever read my profile on our website you might recall my random variety of skills, and at our AGM and Summer Gathering, “All Are Welcome” next weekend in Leeds, you will get to try out some of them for yourself. The Saturday afternoon includes having a go at circus skills, balloon modelling and yarn bombing. We’ll also be doing an Intro to Biblical Greek, with all the basics every Christian should know, a photography competition, some campaigning action and rosary making. That is just the Saturday afternoon, check out the programme to see all the other exciting things happening throughout the rest of the weekend as we try to live out what “all are welcome” really means.

With birthdays, we celebrate coming to an age, reaching something, and then look to what the next year will be – often signified in the wish when blowing out candles. We will be doing something similar at “All Are Welcome.” Our refugee campaign comes to an end, but it isn’t fizzling away, we are taking this moment to celebrate what we have done, while at the same time we look to see what new challenge can be next.

If you’ve been putting it off, or just hadn’t noticed it had got that close now is your time. Get booking

See you in Leeds.