SCM Joins in Prayer for Manchester

In the wake of the recent bombing in Manchester on Monday 22 May, SCM joins with thousands across the city – and around the world – to offer prayers of peace and comfort to those affected.

Rach Collins, SCM’s North West Development Worker, who heads up the NW Hub in Manchester, has offered her thoughts on the tragic events.

“I went to sleep last night knowing there had been an explosion in Manchester. I woke up this morning to the devastating news as details have become clearer as to what has happened. I wonder how you feel? I’m a mixture of sad yet determined. I refuse to be scared and I refuse to be angry.

Manchester is the city I call home, and I’m proud of the response of locals who opened their homes and the emergency services who have gone above and beyond. My Facebook today is full of churches open so people can pray and find a place of peace in a world that is heartbreaking.

Like so many others I call you to pray for the families of those who have died, and all those suffering physically and mentally from the evening’s events. I was at Victoria station three hours before the attack on my way home, and saw so many excited teenage girls in cat-ears. It wasn’t that long ago I was stood in that foyer. We can’t let them win. We pull together. We pray. We continue to be Manchester.”

God whose heart breaks for each of us, be close to the heart broken.
God who stands firm, be the strength for those who feel weak today.
God who loves all, help us to be people of love not hate, peace not retaliation and unity not division.