SCM Statement on Child Hunger

Seeking justice is one of SCM’s core aims. We are a movement who value putting faith into action to seek a more just world, hoping to see the Kingdom of God built on Earth.

So we must express our anger at the government for voting against providing funding to feed children during school holidays. In the words of Marcus Rashford, ‘This is not politics, this is humanity.’ How can we as a nation justify finding billions in funding for failed track and trace systems, as well as billions each year for unnecessary nuclear deterrents, but not a fraction of that cost to feed children who are hungry? The cost of Eat Out to Help Out could pay for 25 weeks of this holiday hunger programme – why can we fund restaurant dining for some, but not essential nutrition for the poor and vulnerable?

We welcome pledges from Welsh and Scottish governments to extend the free school meal programme to school holidays, and back Marcus Rashford’s call on English MPs to do the same. We encourage all our members to use these templates to write to your MP about this issue.

We pray that through our actions, inspired by our faith, the hearts of those in power may be opened to build a more just society.

This statement comes from our Campaigns Group, made up of SCM members passionate about putting faith into action through campaigning.

These templates, created by SCM member Josh Mock, can be used to write to your MP about the issue of child hunger: