Putting Doubt into Faith: An Introduction to Christian Existentialism

By SCM on 27 May 2020

Nathan presents an introduction to Christian Existentialism, and the importance of doubt to our faith.

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Process Theology 101

By SCM on 15 May 2020

Ellen presents an introduction to process theology.

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A Church's Place is in the Kitchen

By SCM on 12 May 2020

Jessica explores the debate about where church should be based from in the age of coronavirus, and the potential reason for the backlash against "kitchen table broadcasts".

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Rach's Reflection: A People in Exile

By Rach Collins on 28 Apr 2020

Rach wonders on what the imagery of exile can say to us in lockdown today. 

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The New Normal?

By Emma on 22 Apr 2020

How would you like to see society change for the better after we emerge from lockdown? How can you fight systemic injustice in your own community?

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Affording Dignity in Death: The Unsung Heroes of COVID-19

By Simon on 16 Apr 2020

Simon tells us about his unsung heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic; the hospital chaplains, Mortuary and Bereavement care workers, and funeral directors.

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A Shout Out to Chaplaincy

By SCM on 8 Apr 2020

A Shout Out to Chaplaincy at a time of 'Churchless Church'.

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When Doing Nothing is the Right Thing To Do

By Caitlin on 7 Apr 2020

SCMers are a very involved bunch. When they see injustice, they act. When people are in pain, they alleviate. When crisis looms, they face it.

But a virus is not like the other forms of social injustice we have faced at SCM. We cannot protest a virus - we cannot march or hold vigils. There is no easy answer for what we as a movement can do.

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The Theology of Trauma

By SCM on 7 Apr 2020

Kristy explores the theology of trauma.

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Annual General Meeting 2020

By SCM on 6 Apr 2020

The Annual General Meeting for the Student Christian Movement happened on Sunday 8th March 2020 at the Pioneer Centre near Kidderminster as part of the 'Known By Name' National Gathering. 

Reports on the last year were recieved from General Council and the staff team in a range of formats, including a quiz, a game of hide and seek and an acrostic poem!

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