By SCM on 7 Nov 2019

The Student Christian Movement has announced the appointment of The Revd Naomi Nixon as its new Chief Executive. She will replace SCM’s National Coordinator, Hilary Topp, who departed in February.

Naomi joins the charity from the Diocese of Coventry, where she has been Ministerial Development Adviser for the last seven years. She also serves as a Minister at St Clare’s, a pioneer community based at Coventry Cathedral. Previously Naomi served as an Ecumenical Chaplain at North Warwickshire and Hinkley College where she also established a Youth Work teaching department.

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Lest We Remember

By Emma on 6 Nov 2019

 Peace, Poppies, and the Purpose of Remembrance.

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Bored by Outrage?

By SCM on 28 Oct 2019

Are you bored by outrage? Is it sustainable to be angry about everything? Is it okay not to care? 

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Is There Hope In The Current Political Climate?

By SCM on 18 Oct 2019

Our current political climate is dark. The government’s lack of urgency around the climate emergency has left many people fearful for the future.

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The Courage to Be: Against Guilt

By SCM on 16 Oct 2019

Well done, you’ve made it. This is the third and final piece in my series of articles about Paul Tillich’s “The Courage to Be”. We’ve looked at the anxieties of death and meaninglessness, and now we’ll look at the anxiety of guilt. I’d like to think the subject matter got cheerier as I went through Tillich’s types of anxiety, but I would be kidding myself. What Tillich writes about is existential, radical, and somewhat uncomfortable to think about. Participating in God knowing that you will die one day? Believing in God whilst knowing that life is meaningless?

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No Faith in War: Reflections from the Arms Fair

By SCM on 15 Oct 2019

Jack, a student at the University of York, reflects on finding God's presence during his time at the Stop DSEI protests in September.

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Multiplying Kindness to Fight Division

By Rob_C on 11 Oct 2019

Rob (Midlands RDW) reflects on some recent revelations and experiences in a world that is feeling more and more divided everyday.

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Bonhoeffer: The Man Behind the Hero

By SCM on 7 Oct 2019

Was Bonhoeffer a hero of the faith or a misguided man? Could he be both? Dan explores the life and work of Bonhoeffer from a more nuanced perspective.

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The Courage to Be: Against Meaninglessness

By SCM on 7 Oct 2019

Nathan explores the next big anxiety in Tillich's 'The Courage To Be', the "anxiety of emptiness and meaninglessness". Check out part one, The Courage to Be: Against Death. 

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If Not For That: A Freshers' Reflection

By SCM on 1 Oct 2019

Do you ever look back and wish you could have a do-over? Josh reflects on his freshers' week with a tinge of regret, but ultimately realises that he wouldn't be where he is today if his first year of uni had looked any different.

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