Belonging: Finding Space for Room

By SCM on 13 Feb 2017

SCM member Lea Appleby reflects on what it means to be part of God’s household.

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Working Together for Students in Liverpool

By Ellis on 13 Feb 2017

Rach Collins, SCM’s North West Development Worker, reports from the latest SCM breakfast event in Liverpool, where church leaders, volunteers, students and chaplains met together to explore student ministry in the city.

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Rach's Diary - up, down, turned around and inside out

By Rach Collins on 10 Feb 2017

Rach has been up and down the North West since she last blogged, and watched Inside Out.

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On refusing

By SCM on 9 Feb 2017

The way of Christ points to those farthest from the centres of power – and we must walk alongside them in resistance, says Kelly Colwell.

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All Are Welcome: Nathan's Story

By SCM on 7 Feb 2017

Nathan Olsen, a student at SCM Leeds, shares his story of being welcomed during a key transition period in life – moving home.

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Who Brings About Change?

By SCM on 6 Feb 2017

Andrew Topping from the University of Birmingham’s Methodist Society reflects on the process of social change, after a recent meeting with Gisela Stuart, MP for Birmingham Edgbaston.

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What on earth is going on in the US and what can we do?

By Ruth on 1 Feb 2017

Faith in Action Project Worker, Ruth Wilde, explores the actions of the Trump administration in the US and suggests ways we can constructively resist it.

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The Challenge of Welcome

By SCM on 1 Feb 2017

Susie Templeton reflects on what it truly means to be a place of welcome, and how St Luke’s Church, Southsea have sought to create a welcome in the midst of an increasingly hostile and divisive world.

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How nonviolent communication can build community

By SCM on 1 Feb 2017

Faith in Action Project Worker, Ruth, tells us about how using the simple but challenging methods of nonviolent communication can help build community and create space for transformation and reconciliation.

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Rach's Diary - 300 Trains and Counting

By Rach Collins on 27 Jan 2017

Rach updates us on what she's been up to while she hasn't been blogging.

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