Rediscovering The Divine: Embracing an Open, Just and Honest Faith

By SCM on 18 May 2016

How an encounter with Christian communities rooted in honesty, openness and the beautiful rhythms of liturgy helped one student rediscover faith.

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Some things never change…?

By SCM on 16 May 2016

Chaplaincy is a place of rest and challenge for students who come through the doors every day. So what do students bring, and what can we learn from their stories? Guest blog by Kate Pearson, chaplain at the University of Warwick.

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Helping refugees is crucial to our faith

By Ruth on 12 May 2016

Exeter MethAng Society member Adam Spiers tells us why he thinks the Bible is clear on how we should treat refugees.

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All the Bells and Smells: What the Eucharist Means to a Catholic

By SCM on 9 May 2016

Daniel Leung, a graduate student of B.A. (Hons) Christian Theology and Media & Communication at Liverpool Hope University, shares what the Eucharist means to him as a Catholic, and why the ‘bells and smells’ of this sacrament are so fundamental to the spiritual lives of generations of believers.

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God of the Stranger and the Lost

By SCM on 4 May 2016

Rachel Blackhurst, member of SCM Edinburgh, writes about her experience studying abroad in India, and how it opened her eyes to her dependence on others and experience of God through the simple act of welcome.

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Daniel Berrigan, 1921-2016

By SCM on 3 May 2016

SCM is sad to hear of the passing of Fr Daniel Berrigan, someone who has been influential to SCM members past and present. Ross Jesmont reflects on Berrigan's address at the 1973 'Seeds of Liberation' conference in Huddersfield.

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Book Review: The Practical Prophet

By SCM on 28 Apr 2016

Barry Rogerson reviews Moira Chan-Yeung's book, The Practical Prophet.

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Whisper It: Tackling Hate and Abuse on Social Media

By SCM on 25 Apr 2016

We need to think carefully about how we deal with hatred and abuse on social media, being more like God’s whisper than fuelling the hurricane, says Joey Knock.

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An Interview with Peterson Toscano - part two

By SCM on 22 Apr 2016

Part Two of our interview with Peterson Toscano.

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An Interview with Peterson Toscano - Part One

By SCM on 22 Apr 2016

Part One of our interview with Peterson Toscano.

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