Advent: The Theology of Waiting

By Alana on 7 Dec 2021

In our latest blog, Alana considers why the theology of waiting is so important during Advent, and how we can use this waiting period to take action and do some good! 

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Who is my neighbour?

By Alana on 2 Dec 2021

Who is my neighbour?.. The Good Samaritan. 

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A Theological Perspective on Remembrance and Awareness

By Alana on 29 Nov 2021

World AIDS Day (1st December) - A Theological Perspective on Remembrance and Awareness in the UK. 

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Why you should Rock the Red Ribbon this World AIDS Day

By Lizzy on 25 Nov 2021

What is the red ribbon and what is its history?  

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Prince - The Cross

By Alana on 19 Nov 2021

Over the coming months, Alana will be writing a number of blogs to help readers connect with Everyday Theology. Walking down the street, working at your desk or shopping for food seldom prompts any form of deep theological thinking, nor necessarily should it. However, staying connected with your faith on a daily basis may inspire you to think more thoughtfully, more theologically, about your everyday actions. 

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Sorting the Fact from the Fiction

By Lizzy on 10 Nov 2021

Lizzy expolores the myths and misconceptions about refugees and those seeking asylum in the UK in the latest blog of our Refugee Campaign.

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Why Wear a White Poppy?

By Lizzy on 9 Nov 2021

The history and meaning behind the white poppy. 

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Remember, Remember the 5th November

By Alana on 5 Nov 2021

The history and context of Guy Fawkes Night.

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Unpacking ‘bigger is not always better’: bodies, food, and health on the Church Time's front page

By SCM on 3 Nov 2021

If you read the Church Times – or engage with ‘Church twitter’ or similar circles on social media – you may have noticed a recent article on obesity that sparked some heated discourse. The article may have been a well-intentioned attempt to engage the Church with issues of physical health and human flourishing, but its presentation on the Church Times front page left a lot to be desired.

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COP 26: Action & Events Round-Up

By Ruth N on 29 Oct 2021

We've collated a list of actions and events that you can get involved in during COP26 to influence political leaders and fight for climate justice.

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