Our partners Project Bonhoeffer reject the Illegal Migration Bill

By Jenna on 16 May 2023

Project Bonhoeffer rejects the Illegal Migration Bill 

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Little Kindnesses with Dietrich Bonhoeffer and St Therese of Lisieux

By Grace Stewart on 15 May 2023

I’m on something of a St Therese of Lisieux bender at the moment, and thinking about the Little Way and all its little acts of love. I’ve also been rereading Bonhoeffer’s Letters from Prison, my favourite of his writings.  

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Tips for SCM Group Outreach!

By Sophie on 2 May 2023

We asked three SCM groups the best way to attract and engage new members. Here's what they had to say!

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Finding the Divine in Moss

By Grace Stewart on 27 Apr 2023

Do you remember the first time you noticed moss?

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Frustrated Vocations: Why We Need an Honest Church on Women's Ministry

By SCM on 18 Apr 2023

Rev Martine Oborne reflects on her own experience of ordination in the Church of England and shares the importance of an Honest Church when it comes to women's ministry. 

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When Grace said "...", I thought "..."

By SCM on 17 Apr 2023

Shanika responds to Grace's Prayer Adventure blog series!

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Prayer Adventure Week Six: The End

By Grace Stewart on 5 Apr 2023

Well folks, my Lenten prayer adventure has come to an end. At least for now. During this time, I have cried a lot, learned a lot, and spent a lot of time on trains. I’ve learned that the rosary doesn’t work for me but the examen does, and that I am too Protestant for Marian devotion, but find a lot of inspiration in the lives of female saints.

Here follows a summary of my experiences and my final ratings!

The Examen:

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Prayer Adventure Week Five: Holy Women and Wholly Saints Part 2

By Grace Stewart on 29 Mar 2023

To read part one of this blog, click here.


Day Four—St Catherine of Siena

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Imagining a World without Nuclear Weapons

By Naomi Orrell on 27 Mar 2023

Nuclear weapons are one of those issues that many people seem to have forgotten about. For people like me, who were born after the end of the Cold War and can’t remember a time when nuclear disarmament was very much in the public consciousness, it can be a surprise to find that nuclear weapons still exist, let alone that the large historical movement opposing them is still going strong today.

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Prayer Adventure Week Four: Holy Women and Wholly Saints

By Grace Stewart on 22 Mar 2023

This week, I am doing something a little different. We’re going on an adventure here, after all. I’ve spent some time this week reading about the lives of various female saints (and women who maybe should be saints), and I’ve realised that all of them have had quite difficult lives. They lived through wars, pandemics, physical and mental illness, and personal tragedy. So, this week I’m taking inspiration from the prayers of women who found God in difficulty and were often a bit difficult themselves. 

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