Connecting the Spheres: Life as a Christian International Student

By SCM on 23 Sep 2014

International students cross borders, cultures and boundaries to go to university. Taylor Driggers, an international student who graduated this year, reflects on his experience as a Christian studying abroad.

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Praying Station

By Jacque on 19 Sep 2014

Rooting everything we do in prayer is a simple way to put our faith into action, says Jacque.

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Stephen Talks Bananas: Part Two

By Stephen on 17 Sep 2014

In the second part of Stephen's blog on surplus food, he reflects on bananas, dinner parties, and the global economy.

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Thoughts that resonate (Diversity with division)

By Jacque on 16 Sep 2014

Jacque reflects on why diversity matters and how we can learn from our differences.

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The Theology of Story: Part Two

By Movement Magazine on 15 Sep 2014

Part two of Pádraig Ó Tuama's feature article from Movement magazine issue 147.

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The Theology of Story: Part One

By Movement Magazine on 15 Sep 2014

Pádraig Ó Tuama is a poet and theologian who works in Belfast. He is interested in curry, whiskey, and how storytelling can help groups of people have difficult discussions. His other writings can be found at This article was originally published in Movement magazine issue 147.

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Stephen Talks Bananas: Part One

By Stephen on 11 Sep 2014

In a world of smartphones, are we really that smart? Faith in Action intern Stephen proposes the importance of wisdom in our modern society in the first of a two-part blog about surplus food.

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Rethinking Christianity: An Interview with Peter Rollins

By SCM on 5 Sep 2014

Peter Rollins is a provocative writer, lecturer, storyteller, and public speaker who has gained an international reputation for overturning traditional notions of religion. His PhD from Queen’s University, Belfast is in post-structural thought. He will be giving the keynote address at a shared PCN and SCM conference running 14-16 November.

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Time To Put Faith In Action

By Stephen on 4 Sep 2014

Jesus wants more from us than knowledge and emotion. He wants action. This blog post is written by Stephen, one of SCM's new Faith In Action interns, who reflects on what that title means to him.

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A Beginner's Guide to Campaigning - Top Tips

By SCM on 2 Sep 2014

Coming to uni and want to get stuck straight into campaigning and volunteering? Christian Aid’s Chris Mead shares his top tips.

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