By Stephen on 21 Oct 2014

As Russell Brand's new book Revolution hits shelves this week, Stephen considers what it might really take to see a major change in society.

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To be consoled

By Jacque on 9 Oct 2014

On Mental Health Day 2014, Jacque reflects on how the church could change to support people suffering from mental health problems.

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Searching for Truth in a sea of doubt

By SCM on 7 Oct 2014

The truth is out there...right? Faith in Action intern Stephen shares about his journey of faith - how the questions have opened up opportunities to learn from others and keep searching for the truth.

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Forage against the Machine

By Stephen on 2 Oct 2014

Stephen, one of our Faith in Action interns, explores how foraging for food can help relieve pressure on the food retail industry, even in the inner-city.

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Wrestling with Doubt: Why uncertainty can be valuable

By SCM on 29 Sep 2014

Can having questions about God deepen the experience of our faith? For Fiona Haworth, struggling with questions and doubt is a valuable part of her faith – enriching the spaces that lead to a fuller understanding of the world and our identity as Christians.

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Bucket list

By Jacque on 25 Sep 2014
A few months ago I started writing a bucket list. It’s an ongoing task, and I’ve been surprised how much of an impact it’s made on me already. Silly things I want to do at some point, have suddenly jumped the life priority queue, because if I don’t start now, when will I? 'I’d love to learn German someday' turned into an app downloaded (Duolingo if you’re interested) and spending a few minutes a day learning.
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Connecting the Spheres: Life as a Christian International Student

By SCM on 23 Sep 2014

International students cross borders, cultures and boundaries to go to university. Taylor Driggers, an international student who graduated this year, reflects on his experience as a Christian studying abroad.

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Praying Station

By Jacque on 19 Sep 2014

Rooting everything we do in prayer is a simple way to put our faith into action, says Jacque.

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Stephen Talks Bananas: Part Two

By Stephen on 17 Sep 2014

In the second part of Stephen's blog on surplus food, he reflects on bananas, dinner parties, and the global economy.

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Thoughts that resonate (Diversity with division)

By Jacque on 16 Sep 2014

Jacque reflects on why diversity matters and how we can learn from our differences.

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