Our Favourite Ways to Pray

By SCM on 5 Jul 2016

We recently asked SCM members about their favourite prayers and ways to pray.

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Seeking the Common Good After Brexit

By SCM on 29 Jun 2016

Revd Chris Howson reflects on how we can respond to the Brexit vote, moving from grief and blame to daily prayer, seeking the kingdom, and working for the good of everyone.

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Dear Preachers and Storytellers: Your Anecdotes Matter

By SCM on 28 Jun 2016

Anecdotes and stories can reveal deep and real truths about our lives as Christians – helping us seek God and find peace. Rebekah Blyth recalls a recent story that has helped her deal with stress about graduating.

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Success and Failure in the Eyes of God

By SCM on 27 Jun 2016

When it comes to discussing success and failure, it all depends on why we do the things we do. Rachel Blackhurst, SCM member at Edinburgh, writes on why we need to reconsider what it means to succeed and fail.

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Life as an International Christian Student

By SCM on 20 Jun 2016

We chat with Swarup Bar, an SCM member and PhD student in Glasgow, about the challenging and surprising aspects of being a Christian international student.

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Leaning Towards Love: A Reflection on Orlando

By Ruth on 17 Jun 2016

SCM member Ellie Wilde reflects on the recent shootings in Orlando from an LGBT Christian perspective. 

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Truth, democracy and the EU Referendum

By Ruth on 16 Jun 2016

Our Faith in Action Project Worker, Ruth, asks 'When the truth is hidden from people, can there be real democracy?'

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Love Conquers All

By SCM on 15 Jun 2016

This blog post is written by Adam Spiers, a straight male who is a member of Exeter MethAng. It is adapted from a reflection Adam gave at a vigil in the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando, organised by the University of Exeter’s LGBTQ+ society.

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Inside the Student Experience: A Year in the Life of a Student Worker

By SCM on 13 Jun 2016

Emma Temple is the chaplaincy assistant at the University of Leeds, having graduated in 2015. Here she looks back on her experience engaging with the current student community, and offers some advice for churches in their outreach and ministry.

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Leadership is Offering Something, Big or Small

By SCM on 7 Jun 2016

How far can a small offering go? As young people taking on roles of leadership, we need to remember that nothing is ever wasted when offered to God, says Amy Sheridan.

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