God Loves Women: gender, faith and social media

By SCM on 8 Mar 2016

On International Women’s Day, the creator of the God Loves Women Twitter account blogs about the journey through social media, and reflects on how online platforms can be a tool for positive conversations.

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Costing Everything

By SCM on 29 Feb 2016

In British society today, what might it look like to follow Jesus and lose everything? Faith in Action worker Ruth Wilde explores what Bonhoeffer meant by ‘costly discipleship'.

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Why it's worth telling stories (and telling them well)

By SCM on 29 Feb 2016

Storytelling is integral to exploring what our faith means and how we make sense of it, says Pádraig Ó Tuama, in this post adapted from an article he wrote in Movement magazine issue 147, entitled The Theology of Story.

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Am I my Neighbour’s Keeper? Reflections on the Death of a Dalit Student in India

By Ruth on 12 Feb 2016

Raj Barath Patta asks why Dalits like Rohit Vemula keep dying 'on the altar' of caste discrimination.

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Time to Talk

By SCM on 4 Feb 2016

SCM Member Shanika Ranasinghe shares her experience of schizoaffective disorder for Time to Talk day. 

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The Vulnerability of Lent

By SCM on 2 Feb 2016

Following Jesus into the desert means breaking down walls that we’ve built to appear strong or comfortable. Debbie White reflects on what Lent is all about for her – and why it’s her favourite liturgical season in the Christian calendar.

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My SCM Experience has Lasted over 50 Years

By SCM on 25 Jan 2016

SCM Friend and former member Chris Lawson shares his experience of the movement in the 1950s, and what it has meant for his life and faith ever since.

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Reflection on Birmingham Methsoc’s Food Exchange

By Ruth on 6 Jan 2016

Andrew Topping reflects on the efforts of Birmingham Methsoc to start up a Food Exchange, transforming food waste into meals for homeless people.

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Bombing, Terrorism and Solidarity

By Ruth on 16 Dec 2015

Ruth reflects on terrorism and the bombing of Syria, and explains how our solidarity with Muslims can make a difference.


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Stories of Faith: Why Church Matters

By SCM on 8 Dec 2015

David Harris, SCM member at the University of Durham, considers how important a supportive church community has been during his time at university.

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