Jesus' Community: Part Two

By Movement Magazine on 8 Sep 2015

Canon Dr Jeremy Duff is the vicar of a small but growing church in a deeply deprived part of Widnes. He has an established teaching and writing ministry, and his most recent book Peter's Teaching: The Message of Mark's Gospel was published by the Bible Reading Fellowship in 2015. This is the full version of his article that was first published in issue 151 of Movement magazine, the Community Issue.

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Life at University: Questions, Doubts and Friendships

By SCM on 7 Sep 2015

From making friends to questioning the nature of your faith, university life can be full of challenges. Ruth Hindmarsh, a graduate from the University of Sheffield and co-chair of the SCM group there, shares her own challenge wrestling with doubt.

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It Takes Time: Creating Change Within WSCF Global

By SCM on 20 Aug 2015

We speak with Necta Montes, the interim staff coordinator for WSCF, about the current challenges facing the federation and her hopes for the future.

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Putting Faith into Action

By Ruth on 17 Aug 2015

Ruth Wilde is our new Faith in Action Project Worker. Here she talks about what Faith in Action means to her and why it's important for Christians.

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How To Deal With Sorrow

By Stephen on 14 Jul 2015

As Stephen's Faith In Action internship draws to a close, he reflects on how to deal with the sorrow that injustice causes.

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Life after university

By SCM on 22 Jun 2015

Wondering what happens after graduation? Jane Hodgson from SCM at the London School of Economics reflects on leaving university.

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Moral Adventure vs Spontaneous Obedience

By Stephen on 18 Jun 2015

Throughout the Faith in Action project, Stephen has been seeking wisdom from the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Here he considers how faith and obedience are intertwined.

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Faith and Feminism

By SCM on 20 May 2015

Jane Hodgson reflects on doing theology from the perpective of the suffering.

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Tesco Troubles

By Stephen on 30 Apr 2015

The British public has voted 'no confidence' in Tesco. The question remains; who are we voting confidence in? Faith in Action Intern Stephen investigates.

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Are you ready to find your life?

By SCM on 27 Apr 2015

For Good Shepherd (Vocations) Sunday, Janet Hopper NSCJ reflects on finding our vocation.

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