Prayer Adventure Week Three: A Little Bit of Liturgy

By Grace Stewart on 14 Mar 2023

This whole project was inspired by reading God Loves the Autistic Mind. It’s a remarkable book by autistic Catholic priest Father Matthew P. Schneider that is part memoir, part theological exploration of autism, and part prayer guide.  The second half of the book is a series of devotionals centred around the autistic experience.

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Prayer Adventure Week Two: Round and Round the Rosary

By Grace Stewart on 8 Mar 2023

I’ve always had a fascination with the rosary. Growing up very Protestant (so Protestant I didn’t really know any practicing Catholics until I went to university), they always seemed like forbidden objects. I remember wanting one as a child and being told that they weren’t for people like me.

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Getting Started With Mastodon

By NaomiNixon on 1 Mar 2023
Any attempt to describe a social media platform by comparison to another is bound to fall short. Having said that, Mastodon is a little bit like using Twitter through the filter of that friendly, queer crafting Facebook group your housemate raves about!

First things first

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Prayer Adventure Week One: Have you tried Ignatian Spirituality?

By Grace Stewart on 1 Mar 2023

It feels like every time I admit that I struggle with prayer in front of a Catholic, I get the same response.

‘Have you tried Ignatian spirituality? You should look into the Daily Examen.’

No, of course I haven’t. I’m Lutheran. Also, I hate praying, I don’t exactly want to do a thing designed to make prayer take a long time.

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Does faith belong in politics? What we can learn from Kate Forbes' campaign

By SCM on 23 Feb 2023

The question of what role faith has in 21st century politics has come to the fore in the last few days as the socially conservative Kate Forbes launched her campaign to become the First Minister of Scotland. Kate belongs to the Free Church of Scotland, a denomination which opposes abortion rights, marriage equality, and the banning of conversion therapy.

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Grace's Adventures in Prayer

By Grace Stewart on 20 Feb 2023

Right, SCM. I have a confession to make.

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A huge step forward, but at the same time only a tiny step forward

By Sophie on 16 Feb 2023

SCM's fundraiser Sophie sat in on the Living in Love and Faith debate at General Synod 2023. Here she summarises what happened and reflects on its impact.

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Finding the Divine Outside of Christianity

By Grace Stewart on 1 Feb 2023

I did a lot of interfaith work at uni. Countless discussion groups and panels and multi-faith services for different events.

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The Crucifixion as Unity

By SCM on 26 Jan 2023

Edmund reflects on the crucifixion as a consequence of a life lived in true unity, and changing heart's with actions not words.

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Holocaust Memorial Day Liturgy

By SCM on 26 Jan 2023

A liturgy for SCM's Holocaust Memorial Day service.

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