Small is Beautiful: Reconsidering Economics

By Emma on 26 Mar 2020

Emma helps us get our priorities straight when it comes to money.

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SCM: Our Response to COVID-19

By SCM on 24 Mar 2020

SCM's response to the current global pandemic.

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130th Anniversary Celebration Sermon

By SCM on 18 Mar 2020

Elaine Graham's address from SCM's 130th Anniversary Celebration Service at Coventry Cathedral.

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A Day in the Life

By Rach Collins on 18 Mar 2020

Rach gives us an insight into a day in the life of a regional development worker!

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Resources for Worried People

By Ruth N on 17 Mar 2020

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious in these uncertain times, as many of us are, we hope this collection of prayers and spiritual resources will be of some comfort.

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He Knows My Name

By SCM on 17 Mar 2020

Miriam reflects on finding a sense of identity through her time in the UK and with SCM Lancaster.

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Self-Control in the Time of Coronavirus

By NaomiNixon on 17 Mar 2020

Self-control is probably not the most popular of the fruits of the Spirit. Certainly not one which crops up in ancient hymnody or modern worship songs, and if it did, I think I’d cringe. So why am I writing about it?

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A Couple of Methodists, an Anglican, a Unitarian and Some Board Games…

By SCM on 12 Mar 2020

Siân shares their experiences of finding an SCM group on campus and how it challenges them to keep growing. 

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What Known By Name Meant For Me: Emily's Testimony.

By SCM on 11 Mar 2020

Emily tells us what this weekend meant to her and why she became an SCM Member. 

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What Known By Name Meant For Me: Jack's Testimony.

By SCM on 10 Mar 2020

Jack tells of the unique community created at Known By Name.

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