Glasgow Coffee Afternoon

Rach's Diary - Dashing here and dashing there

By Rach Collins on 16 Sep 2016

Tales from my week with trains, more induction, talking and planning. 

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Panel Discussion

Rach’s Diary – No Train No Gain

By Rach Collins on 12 Sep 2016

SCM’s two-day training course concludes my first full week – exploring worship, discipleship and leadership.

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Ecumenical MythBusters: Does the Catholic Church Desire Unity?

By SCM on 12 Sep 2016

Next year marks the 500th anniversary of ‘Reformation Day’ – the occasion many believe to be the beginning of the separation of the Catholic and Protestant church. Daniel Leung pulls back the curtain on a tumultuous history and considers where we go from here in the work towards unity.

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A Call Towards A Theology of Littleness

By SCM on 12 Sep 2016

Why we need a theology of littleness – of powerlessness and vulnerability – now more than ever.

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Keeping My Faith Alive at University: Gemma’s Uni Story

By SCM on 12 Sep 2016

Gemma King, a theology student at the University of Edinburgh, talks about how her faith grew while at university.

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Rach's Diary - Home Sweet Office Home

By Rach Collins on 7 Sep 2016

Week 2 and I'm preparing and settling into my office.

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Rach Collins

Rach's diary - Week 1

By Rach Collins on 2 Sep 2016

Rach Collins reflects on her first two days working at SCM.

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Living Well in Community

By SCM on 22 Aug 2016

Life in community with other people is hard. How can we learn to truly encounter each other and grow in deeper fellowship like the early church?

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Saints and Politics: What Could Theresa May Learn from St Teresa of Avila?

By SCM on 17 Aug 2016

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, shares a lot in common with a namesake saint: St Teresa of Avila. So much so, that we asked SCM member Shanika Ranasinghe to investigate the comparison a little further.

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Why the church needs to move beyond growth

By Ruth on 15 Aug 2016

SCM member and Unitarian Robin Hanford reflects on the church's obsession with growth.

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