It's All About 'We'

By Stephen on 23 Jan 2015

The gospel of Jesus is a wonderful message of hope and transformation, not only for persons, but for people. Faith in Action Intern Stephen emphasises the 'familiar gospel'.

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Doubt and Uncertainty

By Hilary on 23 Jan 2015

At the recent ‘Godly Mayhem’ conference organised by the Progressive Christianity Network and SCM, one of the student participants raised the question of whether students are too young to cope with doubt, and whether embracing doubt and uncertainty is something we can only do when we are older and have a bit more life experience.

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Chaplaincy and Student Work - Spot the Difference!

By Hilary on 22 Jan 2015

I often find myself having circular conversations with church leaders about the differences between chaplaincy and student work. 

Sometimes it is hard to spot the difference, but when the student work doesn’t happen it is all too obvious. 

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'Class A' Cool

By Stephen on 8 Jan 2015
East London is like Schrödinger’s marmite. I love it and hate it at the same time.
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From Sty To Stomach

By Stephen on 2 Dec 2014

In a quest to learn how food production can be more transparent and sustainable, Stephen gets acquainted with some porky friends. * This blog contains an image of animal butchery.

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The Experience Machine (Please Use Responsibly)

By Stephen on 30 Nov 2014

Is the fundamental goal of humanity to be happy? What if a machine could fulfil that goal for you? Stephen discusses the utilitarian pursuit of happiness. Spoiler Alert: if you haven't seen The Matrix yet, watch it. Now.

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Deserving Luck

By Jacque on 27 Nov 2014

I find the balance between people saying 'you deserved that' and 'you're so lucky' a difficult one. Recognising that someone has worked hard for their achievements combined with acknowledging that actually they were in a position to be able to achieve in the first place, can be hard to justify. I worked hard for my degree, but I grew up with access to free education, had a supportive family, it was financially viable for me to go and I didn't generally have major health concerns.

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The way we use language

By Jacque on 11 Nov 2014

Whilst on placement at Mind my primary project is the 'Wellbeing Workshops', and I also spend time building relationships with service users, seeing other groups and now I'm settled I'll be spending time visiting other mental health services in the area. As part of the process of reflecting on my work at Mind I have regular meetings with a support person to help me reflect theologically on my experiences. In this week’s blog I would like to recount one aspect of a recent conversation I had with him, where we discussed the language used when talking about mental health issues.

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Tweet Others As You Would Like To Be Tweeted

By Stephen on 30 Oct 2014

The use of social media continues to sky-rocket, while cracks in the framework of society grow. Can the answer be found in social media itself, or do we have a part to play? Faith In Action Intern Stephen investigates.

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Faith and doubt: The whole truth and nothing but the truth?

By Ellis on 27 Oct 2014

It’s natural to want clear and easy definitions of what we believe. But the world is a messy and complex place, full of contradictions. Can the Christian faith really resolve our doubts and contradictions?

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