Tea and notebook

In times of exam stress, drink tea (and other useful tips)

By SCM on 1 Jun 2011

SCM members share their tips for getting through exam season in one piece.

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Eco-Living: Some practical tips...

By SCM on 6 Feb 2011

Ever wondered if there was a simpler way to live your life, without having to buy hundreds of hair, beauty and cleaning products? By beauty, I don’t only mean cleansers and moisturisers, but also things like shaving cream. I might be able to help… This first blog is tackling air fresheners, which can be a real problem for people with allergies. But first. . .

Have you toyed with the idea of vegetarianism for the sake of the environment and other ethical issues, or are you looking to cut down your meat consumption, but just don’t know how to cook vegetarian/vegan food well?

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