Daniel Berrigan, 1921-2016

By SCM on 3 May 2016

SCM is sad to hear of the passing of Fr Daniel Berrigan, someone who has been influential to SCM members past and present. Ross Jesmont reflects on Berrigan's address at the 1973 'Seeds of Liberation' conference in Huddersfield.

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Book Review: The Practical Prophet

By SCM on 28 Apr 2016

Barry Rogerson reviews Moira Chan-Yeung's book, The Practical Prophet.

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Whisper It: Tackling Hate and Abuse on Social Media

By SCM on 25 Apr 2016

We need to think carefully about how we deal with hatred and abuse on social media, being more like God’s whisper than fuelling the hurricane, says Joey Knock.

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What Can We Do For International Students?

By SCM on 18 Apr 2016

Reaching out to international students isn’t just about experiencing a different culture and adding to ours, but can create a sense of home that reflects the amazing diversity of God’s kingdom. By Ben Hodozsó

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Universal Basic Income: the Kingdom idea whose time has come

By Ruth on 15 Apr 2016

Ruth Wilde looks at the Universal Basic Income and tells us why she thinks it is a 'Kingdom idea whose time has come'.

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Spring Term Catch Up: Group News

By SCM on 11 Apr 2016

From running a food recycling scheme to exploring the context of Jesus' parables, this past term has been a lively one for many SCM groups. We catch up with different groups for all the latest news. This post has been adapted from the upcoming issues of Movement magazine, the Arts Issue no. 153.

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What Holy Communion Means to a Methodist

By SCM on 11 Apr 2016

Strength, unity and an open welcome – Revd Jennie Hurd from the Methodist church in Wales looks at why the sacrament is so special to her. This is part of our series looking at the celebration of Communion in different denominations.

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What the Eucharist Means to a Quaker

By SCM on 5 Apr 2016

SCM's Faith in Action Worker Ruth Wilde, talks about a form of the Eucharist she has recently encountered - the Peace Meal - and what it means to her. This is part of our series looking at the celebration of Communion in different denominations.

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A New Evangelism?

By SCM on 4 Apr 2016

What does evangelism look like in the modern, messy world we live in? Adam Spiers, President of Exeter MethAng, says evangelism is more about discipleship – and argues we all need to rethink how we go about it.

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The Politics of the Cross: Part Five

By SCM on 23 Mar 2016

This is part five of a series of blogs by Paul Ballard looking at the politics of the cross through the eyes of the four gospels.

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