Emma's Diary: New Beginnings

By Emma on 26 Jun 2018

Emma has been with SCM as Regional Development Worker (North-East) and Faith in Action Lead (try saying that five times fast!) for a month now. In her first diary blog she shares what she has been up to and let's us in on more of what her role will entail in the future.

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Rach's Reflections: Discipleship

By Rach Collins on 18 Jun 2018

Rach joins in with discipleship month to add her own reflections with a bit of help from Simon Peter and Jonah.

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Existence Anew: Bonhoeffer and Discipleship

By Emma on 14 Jun 2018

In her first few weeks as Faith in Action Lead, Emma has been exploring the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the call to discipleship. 

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Discipleship: Seeking Justice

By Emma on 13 Jun 2018

In the next installment of our discipleship series Emma Temple, SCM's new Faith in Action Lead (and North East Regional Worker), looks at the aim Seeking Justice and how she believes that fits in with the journey of faith. 

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Discipleship: Creating Community

By Rob_C on 13 Jun 2018

In a society like today where we are somehow always connected we seem to be at the same time very disconnected. We know about everything that is happening on the world stage but not much about our next-door neighbour. So, what does community look like in these times? And how do we 'do discipleship' in it?

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By Ruth N on 12 Jun 2018

What is discipleship, and how does it fit in with SCM's four main aims?

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Rach's Diary - A meal out in Manchester

By Rach Collins on 11 Jun 2018

Rach recalls meals out, theological reflection and a train update.

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SCM's Big Church Day Out Debut

By Rob_C on 6 Jun 2018

Rob has returned to the office after two consecutive weekends at the North and South Big Church Days Out.  If you missed the first blog about the Big Church Day Out, never fear! Read this to get an idea of what it’s all about.

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Community Pride Service in Birmingham

By Jen N on 1 Jun 2018

SCM is proud to have co-hosted the first community pride service, organised by the New Inclusive Church Birmingham. Jen, our Fundraising and Communications Officer, went along and celebrated God's radical inclusion.

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Where Jesus Might Need Us

By SCM on 31 May 2018

Ann Barlow was an SCM member while at University. Now retired, she spent many years working in student support. She speaks to us about vocation being where Jesus might need us to be.

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