Lesbian Love as Vocation: My Journey as a Roman Catholic Lesbian

By SCM on 27 Feb 2019

An SCM Member reflects on her vocation as a member of the LGBT+ community. 

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I Cannot Do This Alone

By SCM on 26 Feb 2019

Prayer and action are a powerful combo. Emma poses three reasons why she thinks it's important to pair our political activism with time spent in prayer. 

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What Makes A Good Prayer? Part One

By SCM on 20 Feb 2019

"When was the last time you were satisfied with your prayer life? I suspect that for most of us prayer is something we are never completely satisfied with - we feel like we should be doing more of it, doing it for longer, and doing it with more sincerity". Caitlin helps us to reflect on our prayer life and consider some helpful starter questions for those of us who find praying difficult!

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Learning To Be My Whole Self

By SCM on 20 Feb 2019

An SCM Member shares their journey of learning to accept and affirm their overlapping identities as both LGBT+ and Christian. 

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Mud and Wonder: Walking the Pilgrim's Way

By SCM on 13 Feb 2019

Matthew reflects on his time walking the Pilgrim's Way.

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By SCM on 8 Feb 2019

Churches are being invited to pray for students around the world on Student Sunday, 17 February 2019. 

Student Sunday, known internationally as the Universal Day of Prayer for Students, is one of the oldest global ecumenical days of prayer, and recognises the extraordinary contribution of students to the life of the church and their role in serving their communities. It also highlights the challenges facing students, and their need for continued prayer and practical support. Hilary Topp, National Coordinator of the Student Christian Movement said: 

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Seeing Is (Not Always) Believing: Reflections From Pilgrimage

By SCM on 7 Feb 2019

Shanika looks at the lessons she has learned from pilgrimages she's experienced, both far and wide and near to home.

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Rach's Reflection: Every Walk a Pilgrimage?

By Rach Collins on 7 Feb 2019

Rach remembers the pilgrimage that changed the way she walks. 

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Why I Walk

By SCM on 1 Feb 2019

I grew up in a Free Church tradition. I attended a Baptist Church at home and when I went to university I found the SCM-affiliated Methodist Society, and through it St Paul’s Methodist Church where I was later baptised. Despite that, this year will be my sixth participating in Student Cross, a seven-day walking pilgrimage. Over Holy Week. To Walsingham. Carrying a life-size cross. It's pretty cliché Catholic. So, what keeps me coming back despite the fact that it’s so outside my own tradition, and involves blisters, sleep deprivation, lack of showers and all?

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A Reflection on Refreshment

By SCM on 31 Jan 2019

Michael reflects on refreshment, and how seeing the world with new eyes can be as refreshing as a cool glass of water.

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