Why Christians Should Be Involved In Politics

By SCM on 30 Oct 2018

Stephen Maxwell believes being involved in politics can be an expression of an active, lived Christian faith. Here's why! 

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Rach's Reflection: What shapes my faith?

By Rach Collins on 22 Oct 2018

Rach ponders what it is that shapes her faith, enabling her to live it out through her politics and beyond. 

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It’s Never “Just” War

By SCM on 16 Oct 2018

Can war ever be 'Just'? Simone explores peace and pacifism. 

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The GRA Reform: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

By SCM on 16 Oct 2018

You might have heard the phrases “GRA consultation” or “Gender recognition act” thrown about lately. Here’s what it's all about and why it's important to trans and non-binary people.

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Pebbles and Pronouns

By Ruth N on 5 Oct 2018

How to be a better trans ally with the help from the forest. Kenneth explores the importance of language and naming for the trans community, and of finding a better way. 

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Compassion Fatigue and the Cost of Discipleship

By Emma on 4 Oct 2018

Compassion fatigue was first observed in the world of medicine and care work – as a result of witnessing daily the suffering of others, people who work in these jobs begin to suffer themselves from exhaustion and mental ill health. How do we deal with compassion fatigue whilst still actively caring for those in the world around us? Emma explores this in her latest reflection blog. 

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SCM's Leadership Training 2018

By SCM on 3 Oct 2018

Molly, an SCM Member who recently attended our Leadership Training, has written a round-up of the event for us. 

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Reflections for the International Day of Peace

By SCM on 1 Oct 2018

Alex from Durham JAM reflects on what we can learn from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in today's somewhat divided political climate. 

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Beginnings and Endings

By Emma on 26 Sep 2018

With each beginning inevitably comes an ending. It's okay to have ambivalent feelings about both!

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How (Not) To Prepare For a Year Abroad

By Ruth N on 26 Sep 2018

Louise shares her top tips for how not to prepare for studying abroad! 

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