A photo of poet Mary Oliver with the words Mary Oliver: The Divine in Nature

Finding the Divine in Nature with Mary Oliver

By Grace Stewart on 24 Oct 2022

Between now and January, Naomi and Grace will be looking at three broad themes in our Faith in Action work. One of these is ‘Finding the Divine’. 

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Faith in Action: Grace's Story

By Grace Stewart on 20 Oct 2022

Our new Project Worker Grace shares her connection to a faith lived out through action.

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Being and Belonging: A New Vision for SCM

By NaomiNixon on 11 Oct 2022

CEO Naomi Nixon shares a bit about our recent work on reviewing and refocusing SCM's strategy. 

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Ethical Church Shopping

By SCM on 14 Sep 2022

Baptist Minister Michael Shaw explores how we often fail to consider the ethical values of the churches we choose to attend, and advises on how to choose a church that aligns with your views and ethics when you arrive at university this autumn.

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Reflecting on a year working at SCM

By Lizzy on 6 Sep 2022

On her last day in post, Lizzy reflects on her time with SCM over the past year.

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TBH, you're not welcome here

By SCM on 5 Sep 2022

In this blog, SCM member Honey Harrop explores the importance of churches being honest about their LGBTQ+ welcome from the outset. Check out our new Honest Church campaign at

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The Beatles - The Fool on the Hill

By Alana on 31 Aug 2022

I hope you've enjoyed the Everyday Theology blog series. Under my authorship at least, this will be the last one! Together, let's explore if "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23 NRSV). 

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By Lisa_M on 25 Aug 2022

The Student Christian Movement have launched their new campaign, ‘Honest Church’, this weekend at the Greenbelt Festival. The campaign calls on all churches to be transparent about the welcome that LGBTQ+ people receive in their church, asking church leaders to reflect on what they teach, imply and model with regard to LGBTQ+ people.

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Statement on Greenbelt

By SCM on 23 Aug 2022

SCM responds to Greenbelt's decision to platform speakers with transphobic views.

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Elizabeth Fry – A Life Lived Through Faith in Action

By Lizzy on 23 Aug 2022

In this blog, Lizzy explores the life of Prison Reformer and staunch Quaker Elizabeth Fry and the way in which she represented a brilliant example of someone who constantly put their faith into action. 

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