Shouting from the Closet: From Allyship to Acceptance?

By SCM on 30 Jan 2020

As a polite, church-going Christian, acceptability is my forte. In my first year of university, my friends would joke that I was a “good Christian boy”, primarily to get me to act out in one way or another. At church, I am frequently told how good/helpful/nice I am. I rarely face any situation where I am not accepted, particularly as I am a middle-class White man at a university in a big city. I don’t like standing out from the crowd and will do just about anything for a quiet life. In many ways my life is incredibly easy.

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Nothing Can Be Certain But Death And Metaxas

By SCM on 30 Jan 2020

A particular branch of “theology Twitter” is once again debating the theological placement of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a pastor and theologian who was killed by the Nazis in 1945. Specifically, the debate is centered on Eric Metaxas’ 2009 biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, which was widely panned by Bonhoeffer scholars. Kristy reflects on why Bonhoeffer teaches us to operate out of hope and not fear. 

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A Response to the Church of England's Pastoral Statement

By SCM on 28 Jan 2020

SCM's trustees respond to the recent pastoral statement regarding sex, civil partnerships, and marriage from the Church of England's House of Bishops.

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Queerly Beloved: Encountering God in the Every Day

By Emma on 27 Jan 2020

Lu reflects on how existing as a queer person in the day-to-day mundanity of life is an act of resistance in itself. 

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Rach's Reflection: Heaven on earth

By Rach Collins on 21 Jan 2020

When I was preaching last Sunday at a church in Salford I led the congregation in looking at some of the images we use to describe God, particularly the Good Shepherd, using Psalm 23.  

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Student Cross: A Mystery That Draws You In

By SCM on 20 Jan 2020

Since becoming a practising Christian I have gone to a few extra church services around Holy Week and Easter, but otherwise it has just been a normal week for me. Last year, though, I decided I wanted to do something different. For a long time pilgrimage has been of interest to me, specifically walking pilgrimages. Having read about them I decided it was something I wanted to experience first-hand.

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When I'm With You I Feel at Home

By SCM on 14 Jan 2020

Emi explores what and where 'home' is. 

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Resolutions for a Better World

By Emma on 19 Dec 2019

The end of this year has felt pretty rough. I don’t know what further excitement awaits between now and 2020, but today as I’m writing Boris Johnson has been sharing his new plans for the country, we’ve heard the promise this morning that Brexit will be done by the end of January, Trump is facing impeachment, and we’ve been forecasted the hottest year on record in the UK in 2020 due to greenhouse gases. Everything feels to be in a state of turmoil, and our country and world feel more divided than ever when we should be uniting to face the problems we’ve created for ourselves.

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So Let's Speak

By SCM on 17 Dec 2019

Victoria grieves the injustice of CTE's presidency controversy, and reflects on SCM’s historical shaping of ecumenism inspiring a call to action.

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The Advent of Adulting

By SCM on 16 Dec 2019

Naomi explores what advent can teach us about adulthood. 

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