Does faith belong in politics? What we can learn from Kate Forbes' campaign

By SCM on 23 Feb 2023

The question of what role faith has in 21st century politics has come to the fore in the last few days as the socially conservative Kate Forbes launched her campaign to become the First Minister of Scotland. Kate belongs to the Free Church of Scotland, a denomination which opposes abortion rights, marriage equality, and the banning of conversion therapy.

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Grace's Adventures in Prayer

By Grace Stewart on 20 Feb 2023

Right, SCM. I have a confession to make.

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A huge step forward, but at the same time only a tiny step forward

By Sophie on 16 Feb 2023

SCM's fundraiser Sophie sat in on the Living in Love and Faith debate at General Synod 2023. Here she summarises what happened and reflects on its impact.

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Finding the Divine Outside of Christianity

By Grace Stewart on 1 Feb 2023

I did a lot of interfaith work at uni. Countless discussion groups and panels and multi-faith services for different events.

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The Crucifixion as Unity

By SCM on 26 Jan 2023

Edmund reflects on the crucifixion as a consequence of a life lived in true unity, and changing heart's with actions not words.

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Holocaust Memorial Day Liturgy

By SCM on 26 Jan 2023

A liturgy for SCM's Holocaust Memorial Day service.

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Finding God in Old Places: An Ex-Evangelical Perspective on Unity

By SCM on 23 Jan 2023

SCM Member Anika shares some reflections on unity, togetherness, and disagreement for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

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Finding the Divine (And Yourself) in Silence, Stillness, and Rest

By Grace Stewart on 20 Jan 2023

A lot of us really struggle with silence. This isn’t entirely our fault: silence, stillness, and rest can be hard to find under the capitalist urge to keep working and doing and consuming. Self-care, while it has a place, is also largely centred around doing things rather than just resting, and is still often tied to the idea of ‘self-improvement’.

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SCM Statement on Church of England proposals for LGBTQ+ inclusion

By tompacker on 18 Jan 2023

SCM responds to the recent decision of the House of Bishops not to recommended marriage equality for all in the Church of England, Jan 2023.

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Jammy Biscuits Recipe (from The SCM Cookbook!)

By Lisa_M on 15 Dec 2022

One of my favourite Christmas traditions is baking sweet treats to share with friends and family, whether it's creating elaborate gingerbread structures with my husband (pre-children!) or making brownies with my two boys.

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