Student Cross: A Mystery That Draws You In

By SCM on 20 Jan 2020

Since becoming a practising Christian I have gone to a few extra church services around Holy Week and Easter, but otherwise it has just been a normal week for me. Last year, though, I decided I wanted to do something different. For a long time pilgrimage has been of interest to me, specifically walking pilgrimages. Having read about them I decided it was something I wanted to experience first-hand.

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When I'm With You I Feel at Home

By SCM on 14 Jan 2020

Emi explores what and where 'home' is. 

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Resolutions for a Better World

By Emma on 19 Dec 2019

The end of this year has felt pretty rough. I don’t know what further excitement awaits between now and 2020, but today as I’m writing Boris Johnson has been sharing his new plans for the country, we’ve heard the promise this morning that Brexit will be done by the end of January, Trump is facing impeachment, and we’ve been forecasted the hottest year on record in the UK in 2020 due to greenhouse gases. Everything feels to be in a state of turmoil, and our country and world feel more divided than ever when we should be uniting to face the problems we’ve created for ourselves.

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So Let's Speak

By SCM on 17 Dec 2019

Victoria grieves the injustice of CTE's presidency controversy, and reflects on SCM’s historical shaping of ecumenism inspiring a call to action.

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The Advent of Adulting

By SCM on 16 Dec 2019

Naomi explores what advent can teach us about adulthood. 

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Rest: The Lost Art of Stopping

By Rob_C on 12 Dec 2019

How good are your boundaries? Do you have defined start and end points in your day? Can you happily do nothing and not feel guilty for doing so? Or do you always have a niggling feeling of approaching deadlines or needing to be productive in some way?  Rob reminds us of the importance of resting well. 

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Faith and the General Election (Revisited)

By SCM on 10 Dec 2019

We hear from SCM members Alec Temple and Juliane Borchert on what's important to them this election.

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Low Carbon Christmas

By Emma on 6 Dec 2019

Anna Bland of Leeds Methodist Mission tells us about their latest event, exploring how we can love the Earth through slow activism this Christmas.

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By Simon on 27 Nov 2019

Churches are being invited to pray for students around the world on Student Sunday, 16 February 2020.

Student Sunday, known internationally as the Universal Day of Prayer for Students, is one of the oldest global ecumenical days of prayer, and recognises the extraordinary contribution of students to the life of the church and their role in serving their communities. It also highlights the challenges facing students, and their need for continued prayer and practical support. Lisa Murphy, Acting National Coordinator of the Student Christian Movement said:

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An Empty Chair

By Emma on 27 Nov 2019

I was deeply saddened this week by yet another example of homophobia in the church. Churches Together in England have made the decision that the only way they can continue to work towards unity between the churches is to block the Quakers’ nominated president, Hannah Brock Womack, from taking up this role due to the fact that she is married to someone of the same sex as her.

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