By Lisa_M on 25 Aug 2022

The Student Christian Movement have launched their new campaign, ‘Honest Church’, this weekend at the Greenbelt Festival. The campaign calls on all churches to be transparent about the welcome that LGBTQ+ people receive in their church, asking church leaders to reflect on what they teach, imply and model with regard to LGBTQ+ people.

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Statement on Greenbelt

By SCM on 23 Aug 2022

SCM responds to Greenbelt's decision to platform speakers with transphobic views.

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Elizabeth Fry – A Life Lived Through Faith in Action

By Lizzy on 23 Aug 2022

In this blog, Lizzy explores the life of Prison Reformer and staunch Quaker Elizabeth Fry and the way in which she represented a brilliant example of someone who constantly put their faith into action. 

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On Small Resistances and Powerful Reconciliations

By SCM on 22 Aug 2022

Katri reflects on the Bonhoeffer in Berlin trip. 

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John Denver - Sunshine on my Shoulders

By Alana on 22 Jul 2022

With the recent hot weather, what better to talk about in this Everyday Theology blog then ecological theology and our environmental world. 

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“You don’t need to feel sorry for me – but you DO need to accommodate me”: a provocation for Disability Pride Month

By SCM on 13 Jul 2022

Shanika has written for SCM in the past about her experiences as a mentally disabled student who can’t attend church. This blog rehashes some of that story, focusing particularly on how her disability arose in a church setting and how the wider Church struggles to understand and respond to this uncomfortable fact. 

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Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way

By Alana on 6 Jul 2022

For this Everyday Theology blog we'll discuss Lenny Kravitz's 90's song in which he sings about the coming of a messianic figure who has just one question to ask the people he meets:  

“Are You Gonna Go My Way?” 

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Clinging on: PTSD and faith

By SCM on 21 Jun 2022

SCM member Honey Harrop shares their experience of PTSD and faith. 

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Book Review: While the Earth Sleeps We Travel

By SCM on 21 Jun 2022

Young refugees reclaiming their narratives and discovering the power of storytelling in a moving collection of poetry, stories and art. 

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Refugee Week: What is it, why do we celebrate it and why is it so important – especially this year?

By Lizzy on 20 Jun 2022

Founded in 1998, Refugee Week is a week-long UK-wide festival celebrating refugees that takes place every year in June. In this blog Lizzy explains what Refugee Week stands for, why she loves it, and why this year more than ever it is so important to celebrate the refugees living within our own communities. 

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