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When Doing Nothing is the Right Thing To Do

SCMers are a very involved bunch. When they see injustice, they act. When people are in pain, they alleviate. When crisis looms, they face it.

But a virus is not like the other forms of social injustice we have faced at SCM. We cannot protest a virus - we cannot march or hold vigils. There is no easy answer for what we as a movement can do.

Tread carefully: Diet Culture and Lent

Before I begin, I want to be clear that I am not actually a Christian. I am, at best, Christian-adjacent, by which I mean that my partner is a committed Christian, and I am the token atheist at church events sometimes. And this part of the liturgical year, up to and including Holy Week, is my absolute favourite. 

Till Death Us Do Part: On The Sacrament of Marriage

Caitlin explores the sacrament of marriage in light of her own upcoming nuptuals and the suspect motivations of the wedding industry. 

Do Not Hold On To Me: Reflections on Ascension

Caitlin reflects on the importance of the ascension.

Mental Illness vs Mental Wellbeing: What's the Difference?

Caitlin discusses the difference between mental illness and mental wellbeing, and the importance for all of us to look after our mental health. 

You Can't Buy Lent

Is lent a journey? Is it something we need to suffer through in order to be good Christians? Is it simply a time of year, or just a period of time before Easter Sunday? Is it a second chance to succeed at the diet we abandoned in January? I’ve heard people say all of these things and more. Most of us, I think, have thought of lent in these terms at least once. And for many of our family, friends, and even for ourselves we’re not sure what we’re supposed to be doing or feeling during lent.

What Makes a Good Prayer? Part Two

In the second blog on this series Caitlin looks at how our bodies and senses impact our prayer life.