Deanna's blog

When Will Black Lives Matter?

Deanna reflects on the latest in a long list of (publicly known) murders of black people at the hands of American police, and what the black community need allies to do to enact proper, systemic change.

It's Time To Listen

A collection of quotes from people in the black community on the current situation, the murder of George Floyd and what needs to happen now. We are so grateful to Joe, Amanda, Steve, Alicia, Theo, Mya, Paul and Claudette for taking the time to write down their thoughts, and to Deanna for collecting them all.

Anti-Racism Resources

We all need to be committed to learning, praying, self-reflection and having those uncomfortable conversations that will help to deepen understanding and break down barriers, in order to work together to fight the injustices in our society.

We hope these resources will help you in your anti-racism education. Please feel free to share any resources you've found useful in the comments below! A huge thanks to Deanna Davis for collating these resources for SCM.