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SCM Statement on Nuclear Weapons

Following the announcement of new plans to increase potential for nuclear weapons by the UK government, the General Council of the Student Christian Movement have issued the following statement:

Lent in a Year of Wilderness

I heard some people say last year that Lent 2020 was the ‘Lentiest Lent they’d ever Lented’. Our world was turned upside down, and I think we would all have had our doubts if we’d been told then that by Lent 2021, life would look much the same – physical distancing, rising death counts, and endless, endless, zoom calls! It feels like we’ve been wandering in the desert for far longer than the recommended 40 days, which has made me struggle to know quite how to approach Lent this year.

SCM Statement on Child Hunger

Seeking justice is one of SCM’s core aims. We are a movement who value putting faith into action to seek a more just world, hoping to see the Kingdom of God built on Earth.

Statement on Students During COVID-19

A statement from SCM's General Council in response to the student living situation under COVID-19.

Given recent news of COVID-19 outbreaks in student accommodation at 30 universities, SCM feels it is important to bring to attention the situation students are facing as they return to university.  

The New Normal?

How would you like to see society change for the better after we emerge from lockdown? How can you fight systemic injustice in your own community?

Small is Beautiful: Reconsidering Economics

Emma helps us get our priorities straight when it comes to money.

Queerly Beloved: Encountering God in the Every Day

Lu reflects on how existing as a queer person in the day-to-day mundanity of life is an act of resistance in itself. 

Resolutions for a Better World

The end of this year has felt pretty rough. I don’t know what further excitement awaits between now and 2020, but today as I’m writing Boris Johnson has been sharing his new plans for the country, we’ve heard the promise this morning that Brexit will be done by the end of January, Trump is facing impeachment, and we’ve been forecasted the hottest year on record in the UK in 2020 due to greenhouse gases. Everything feels to be in a state of turmoil, and our country and world feel more divided than ever when we should be uniting to face the problems we’ve created for ourselves.

Low Carbon Christmas

Anna Bland of Leeds Methodist Mission tells us about their latest event, exploring how we can love the Earth through slow activism this Christmas.

An Empty Chair

I was deeply saddened this week by yet another example of homophobia in the church. Churches Together in England have made the decision that the only way they can continue to work towards unity between the churches is to block the Quakers’ nominated president, Hannah Brock Womack, from taking up this role due to the fact that she is married to someone of the same sex as her.