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Lest We Remember

 Peace, Poppies, and the Purpose of Remembrance.

The Importance of Reflective Activism

When faced with political tension, injustice on a huge scale, climate breakdown and the myriad other problems facing our society today, it is tempting to dive in and try and solve these issues straight away. Reflection can feel like a waste of time, and theology can feel irrelevant in the face of so much physical suffering and violence.

Chaplaincy as Presence

Emma reflects on how chaplaincy maintains a religious presence in secular spaces, with help from the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

We Could Not, So Help Us God, Do Otherwise

SCM member Adam Spiers reflects on his decision to join Extinction Rebellion in their direct actions in London last week.

Slow and Steady

Emma reflects on how slowing down can be subversive in our fast-paced world. 

Welcoming Christ in the Chaos

Emma explores the wonderful truth that Christ bursts into our lives even in the midst of our busyness and the chaos of the Christmas period. 

Sharing the Burden

Bethany shares her reflections and encouragement from meeting students and non-students at our Interrupted by God event in Leeds.

Emma's Diary: Faith in Action Update

Emma gives her reflections from the Interrupted by God event and an update about our two campaign focuses, Loving the Earth, and Mental Wellbeing.

Compassion Fatigue and the Cost of Discipleship

Compassion fatigue was first observed in the world of medicine and care work – as a result of witnessing daily the suffering of others, people who work in these jobs begin to suffer themselves from exhaustion and mental ill health. How do we deal with compassion fatigue whilst still actively caring for those in the world around us? Emma explores this in her latest reflection blog.