Emma's blog

Beginnings and Endings

With each beginning inevitably comes an ending. It's okay to have ambivalent feelings about both!

Preparing for the Interruptions

Emma takes a look at preparation, and the joy of having our best laid plans interrupted by God.

The Good Place? Bonhoeffer and Christian Ethics

What does Bonhoeffer have to do with The Good Place? Quite a lot as it turns out! In her latest blog Emma compares the ethics of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Chidi Anagonye.

Emma's Diary: New Beginnings

Emma has been with SCM as Regional Development Worker (North-East) and Faith in Action Lead (try saying that five times fast!) for a month now. In her first diary blog she shares what she has been up to and let's us in on more of what her role will entail in the future.

Existence Anew: Bonhoeffer and Discipleship

In her first few weeks as Faith in Action Lead, Emma has been exploring the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the call to discipleship. 

Discipleship: Seeking Justice

In the next installment of our discipleship series Emma Temple, SCM's new Faith in Action Lead (and North East Regional Worker), looks at the aim Seeking Justice and how she believes that fits in with the journey of faith.