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Hilary's 130 Challenge

Hilary tells us about her January 130 Challenge

Incarnational Student Work

I love it when someone suggests a long word for something you’ve been thinking about but didn’t have a way of describing.  This week’s word is ‘incarnational’, which basically means living it out, rather than telling people what to do.

I think this is an important word for a movement like SCM. Sometimes we are all guilty of telling people what they should be doing, rather than leading by example. Rather than trying to persuade people to do things, or think in a certain way we need to just act and think and live as though God’s kingdom is here.

Doubt and Uncertainty

At the recent ‘Godly Mayhem’ conference organised by the Progressive Christianity Network and SCM, one of the student participants raised the question of whether students are too young to cope with doubt, and whether embracing doubt and uncertainty is something we can only do when we are older and have a bit more life experience.

Chaplaincy and Student Work - Spot the Difference!

I often find myself having circular conversations with church leaders about the differences between chaplaincy and student work. 

Sometimes it is hard to spot the difference, but when the student work doesn’t happen it is all too obvious.