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Stand for election to General Council!

Are you passionate about the work of SCM? Do you want an opportunity to develop your skills? Stand for election to General Council!

As a student-led movement, the views of our members are at the heart of everything that we do. That's why General Council, the decision making body of the movement, is made up of students and recent graduates. At the Annual General Meeting in March, members will have the opportunity to elect new representatives to General Council. Could that be you?

What is General Council?

SCM welcomes a new Fundraising and Communications Officer to the team!

SCM is pleased to announce that Jenna Nicholas has taken up the post of SCM's Fundraising and Communications Officer. "We're really excited that Jenna is joining the staff team in this role," said Simon Densham, SCM's National Coordinator. "As the movement continues to grow and reach more students, her expertise will be invaluable in developing SCM's fundraising strategy to ensure that SCM's financial future is secure."

A Light For All - Students Gather in Lancaster to explore the Bible

Last weekend, students from around the North West gathered in Lancaster for SCM’s ‘A Light for All’ gathering. Coordinated by Rach Collins, SCM's North West Regional Development Worker, alongside members of SCM Leeds, the day event looked at various aspects of the Bible and was also the first gathering of the SCM group in Lancaster.

The Gospel and Safe Spaces

Are students 'precious snowflakes', who can't see beyond their campuses to the injustices in the world? Simone Ramacci responds to a Daily Mail article claiming that students are navel-gazing babies who only care about themselves.