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God is on our side

God’s allyship began before creation and lasts until the end of time. When we become allies we are putting ourselves on God’s side, because he is already on ours. 

Adapted from a sermon by Revd Naomi Nixon.

Getting Started With Mastodon

Any attempt to describe a social media platform by comparison to another is bound to fall short. Having said that, Mastodon is a little bit like using Twitter through the filter of that friendly, queer crafting Facebook group your housemate raves about!

First things first

Being and Belonging: A New Vision for SCM

CEO Naomi Nixon shares a bit about our recent work on reviewing and refocusing SCM's strategy. 

Between the Back Door of the Bungalow and the Garden Gate: A Vocation Story

Naomi shares the moment she was called to be a priest in the Church of England. 

Sending Your Students Well

When you buy an SCM Gift Membership for a student the excitement and anticipation of the welcome pack and the years to come with SCM will (hopefully!) be a joy and delight to them, but in case you want to bless them even further here are a few ideas!

Self-Control in the Time of Coronavirus

Self-control is probably not the most popular of the fruits of the Spirit. Certainly not one which crops up in ancient hymnody or modern worship songs, and if it did, I think I’d cringe. So why am I writing about it?