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Rach's Reflection: Evangelism is a Scary Word

Rach looks back over how she "did evangelism" in the past, and what it looks like for her today.

Rach's 130 Challenge: Knitting On A Train

Rach reflects on how knitting a blanket is helping to knit a community.

Rach's Reflection: Championing Chaplaincy

Rach reflects on the impact that chaplaincy had on her life as a student, and the value it continues to add even now. 

Rach's Reflection: Veggie Lent

Working for SCM has obviously rubbed off on me - there are many things I say or do differently because of the time I’ve spent in this inclusive environment, and this lent I’m trying something I’ve never done before.

I’m going veggie… for one day a week.

It’s not that I only eat meat normally. There are certain meals that my household enjoys that are vegetarian, or even vegan sometimes, but for one day a week, generally a Wednesday, I’m having a Lentern day of Intentional Vegetarianism.

There are a number of reasons I’ve decided to do this:

Rach's Reflection: Every Walk a Pilgrimage?

Rach remembers the pilgrimage that changed the way she walks. 

Rach's Reflections: A Joyful Christmas?

What word would you use to describe the year you've had? Rach reflects on the past year and the season of Christmas.

Rach's Reflection: What shapes my faith?

Rach ponders what it is that shapes her faith, enabling her to live it out through her politics and beyond. 

Rach’s Diary: The Calm Before The Beginning

Rach is getting ready for the beginning of the year. Read about where she found calm in the midst of preparing!  

Rach's Reflection: From This Day

It's A Level results day -  day of celebration, or a day of commiseration. Rach reflects on how results day is also a moment to pause, take note of who you are, and then step forward.

Rach's Reflection: Rest

Rach reflects on how running for trains can mirror the rest of her life and the need for rest.